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It is a good gift for a Christian or someone who wants a Bible and does not have one.

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Q: Is a Bible a good idea for Christmas gift?
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Is chocolate good for a Christmas idea?

Yes, chocolate is a very popular Christmas gift and idea. Most people enjoy getting chocolate for Christmas as it is a very touching yet tasty gift.

What is a Good Christmas gift for a twelve year old?

jewelery or make-up is a good idea

What are good ideas for Christmas gifts for friends?

Gifts cards are always a good Christmas gift idea for friends. With gift cards, your friends, they can get what they want without the worrying about them not liking it. It is always a good idea to give them a little something to open as well. A small bag of candy or a tin with cookies inside along with the gift card is great.

For Christmas we are doing liquid themed gifts what is a good gift idea for a liquid themed gift?

Wine, champagne, lava lamps?

ARe prepaid gift cards a good gift idea?

If you want to give a prepaid gift card as a birthday gift or Christmas gift then I would not mind. But make sure you watch out for the extra fees it charges you with .

Electronic gift idea -Christmas gift for 10 year old boy?

A Wii.

What are best Christmas gift ideas for co-worker?

A great gift for a co-worker is a something for their house or them. Generally, you are limited to a small dollar amount for co-workers. So, it may be a good idea to get a gift card to the nearby deli/coffee house.

What are some nice Christmas gift wrapping ideas?

Some nice Christmas gift wrapping ideas are found on the countryliving website and Marthstewart website. They have many different idea and ways to show how to make nice Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

What is a good homemade Christmas gift for your dad?

What ever he likes just make sure it comes from your heart. Music, DVDs, power tools are always a good idea.

What is one of the best 2013 corporate Christmas gift idea?

It is important to keep professionalism in mind when purchasing gifts for corporate contacts, which is why non-personalized gifts tend to be the best idea for corporate gift-giving. Therefore, gourmet gift baskets accompanied by a politically correct holiday card is the best corporate Christmas gift.

What would be a good idea for a Christmas gift for your basketball team somthing nice but cheap that you can get individually for around 15 diff people?

Check the Dollar $tore!

Where can one find a list of creative Christmas gift ideas?

Creative Christmas gift ideas can be found on unique gift idea websites as well as at garage sales or craft stores. Unique Ideas come from different places that people wouldn't think. An antique shop might be a unique idea.

What is a good Christmas gift for a young Mum?

This can vary depending on what she likes. Try to make your gift personal and special so that whenever she sees or uses it she can remember that it was from you. Baby supplies and accessories are always a good idea especially if the recipient is having difficulties with her new baby.

What are the release dates for Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This - 2007 Is It a Good Idea to Microwave Christmas Lights 1-10?

Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This - 2007 Is It a Good Idea to Microwave Christmas Lights 1-10 was released on: USA: 14 July 2007

What is a good gift idea for a grandfather?


Would cash be a good idea as a Christmas gift?

Cash is an ideal Christmas present if you do not know what to get an individual. Some people prefer to get personalized gifts or gifts that show thought. People do enjoy getting cash so they can pick out gifts they love.

Where can I get christmas present ideas?

A good idea for a Christmas gift is maybe like a new tool box or tool set , a new phone , I pad , Motorcycle, New car, Bike, paddle, boat , Fishing pole , Canoe, welder, accessories for vehicle.

What would be a good reasonable valentinesday gift idea for a girlfriend?

A good, reasonable Valentine's Day gift idea to give your girlfriend would be a cookie cake. Another idea would be a box of chocolates and her favorite colored rose.

What are some good gift ideas for first time parents?

One good gift idea for first time parents is lots of diapers, as they are always appreciated and always used. Another great idea for a gift would be baby clothes.

What is a good and funny gift idea for my boss?

A good and funny gift idea for your boss would be to purchase a gag gift that is appropriate for your line of work. You can even purchase something that has some relevance to any inside jokes you may have with your boss.

Is a health spa gift certificate a good idea for a birthday gift?

It is a great idea because it allows for flexibility and also for the person receiving the gift certificate to schedule the appointment at there convenience.

What should you get your best friend for Christmas?

It usually depends on your friend. However, a gift card for a relaxing massage in a nice place is a good idea (not too expensive). Example: a gift card from a nice fitness center is around 30 dollars for 30 min massage.

What is a good last minute gift to give your grandpa?

An idea of a good gift to give at the last minute is a quick pair of socks.

Are baby gift baskets a good idea for baby showers?

Yes baby gift baskets are a great idea for baby showers. You can purchase gift baskets with items for both the mother and child.

What truck accessories would make a great gift for an angler?

A good rod rack would be a great gift idea for an angler with a truck. Also a good tow hitch is good idea for when the boat need to be brought to the water.