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Is a Butterfly related to a spider?

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The jumping spider is actually said to be part of the evolution of butterflies. Regular Spiders are not known to be related or part of the evolution of the butterfly.

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What is the difference between a butterfly and a spider?

A spider is an arachnid and a butterfly isn't.

What is the similarities between spider and a butterfly?


What is the similarity between a spider and a butterfly?

Both are arthropods

What insects do spider monkeys eat?

Spider monkeys eat a variety of insects including the winged capybara butterfly, the cockasian prince fly, and the barasian black butterfly

Is a butterfly a porifera?

Butterfly is not related to porifera. Butterfly belongs to the phylum Arthropoda.

Animals that are invertebrates?

Worm, Jellyfish, Spider, Butterfly, Starfish.

Is a scorpian related to a spider?

I think that a scorpion is related to a spider, but I am not completely sure.

What is most likely to be the difference in mass between a spider and a butterfly?

Most likely, the difference in mass between a spider and a butterfly is very low. It is approximately 0.1 to 0.3 grams difference between them.

What animal is the Woolly Spider Monkey related to?

They are related to Spider monkeys and Woolly monkeys.

How do you get a black butterfly in Animal Jam?

heart,spider,rainbow and fire

Is spider-man related to venom or not?

No, Spider-Man is not related to Venom in any way.

Insects names start with S?

Sulphur butterfly, spider, scorpion and Sandfly are insects. They begin with the letter S.

Name Three organisms that belong to the Arthropod Phylum?

A shrimp, a spider, a butterfly.

Which creature is the butterfly related to?

The moth.

Is a cockroach related to a spider?


What is a Queen Butterfly?

The Queen butterfly is a butterfly that is closely related to the Monarch butterfly.They both belong to the subfamily Danainae, that is, the Milkweed Butterflies.

Which insect starts with letter u?

Uliodon is a type of spider. Ulysses butterfly is an insect.

What is alike between spider and butterfly?

spiders and butterflys both love the great outdoors!

What other fish are similar to the butterfly fish?

Angelfish are quite closely related to butterfly fish.

Is a cobweb a spider?

Yes, there is a spider called cobweb spider, also called tangle web spider. There is a related link with more info on them.

What poisonous spiders live in Australia?

The Redback Spider...The Redback Spider is related to the venomous Black Widow Spider

Are there Songs with the names of insects in the title?

Fireflies by Owl City Boris the Spider by The Who Fly on the Wall by AC/DC Dog & Butterfly by Heart Black Butterfly by Rihanna

In touch detective how do you fix the hole in the butterfly net?

You need to go to the hotdog stand and grab the spider web in the corner with the butterfly net and it would fix itself

Which Australian spider is related to the black widow spider?

The Australian red-backed widow.

Is a moth related to a butterfly?

They Are Almost Realted But not exactly