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A quiet-living couple who will snuggle up real close and whisper secret thoughts to each other. For the Virgo lady, preferably in her ear, the only place seemly enough for such thoughts to go .... (Source: AquarianAge Romance ) This is a good match that can definitely lead to real, lasting love. With a Cancer boy, both you and he will feel more passionate and confident than you do with most other signs. His mushy, cuddly love style makes you feel nice and secure. You won't have to worry about this boy straying- when he falls in love, he stays in love! You will both have to watch your mouths a bit- you both have a tendency to be over-critical. If you can keep your picky comments to yourselves, though, this relationship has a real chance to turn into the "real thing." It's a very good love match. ( Source: Jellybean's Astro-Soulmate Guide ) Wow! What a match. In addition to being a great potential relationship, Virgo girl and Cancer boy will probably have the kind of friendship that will last for years and years. Even if you don't walk down the aisle together, you'll share a common understanding that will transcend time and space. What better foundation could there be? ( Source: FUNgirl - Astrology ) too quiet...

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Is a Virgo girl and a Cancer boy compatible?


Are a Virgo girl and a Taurus boy compatible?


Can Virgo boy marry a Virgo girl?

There is no reason a Virgo boy cannot marry a Virgo girl. Some people believe in Astrology, etc., and feel they are more compatible with others.

Cancer boy is best compatible with what girl?

Pisces girl

Is a Virgo boy and saggitarius girl compatible?

That would depend on whether you believe in Astrology or not.

Is a Cancer boy and Cancer girl compatible?

they are very much ment for eachother

Are a Taurus boy and a Virgo girl compatible?

they are in July may September and December. also in feb.

Are a Libra girl and a Virgo boy compatible?

it is very doubtful a Virgo lives to his or her own rules and is more interested in money Libras finds Virgos to be fussy so there usually not compatible

How will be a married life of a Taurus girl and a Virgo boy?

A wonderful and beautiful married life. Taurus and Virgo are known to be greatly compatible with each other.

Is a Taurus girl compatible with a Virgo boy?

Yes; very compatible. They are the best for each other; although both are also excellent with Capricorn.

Is a Taurus boy and Cancer girl compatible?

Of course! They were meant to be together!

Are a Virgo girl and Leo boy compatible?

Honestly, yes they're totally compatible,except im the guy and im a Virgo and my GF Svetlana is a Leo and we've been 2gether for seven months!

How does a Virgo girl attract a Virgo boy?

With respect and consideration.

What was the personality if the boy is born on Virgo?

The same as a Virgo girl.

Does cancer girl compatible with Aquarius boy?

Horoscopes don't particularly matter in determining a relationship but they aren't exactly compatible.

Is a Aquarius boy and Virgo girl compatible?

Things like start sines shouldn't determine whether 2 people are compatible, things like their personalities and what the have in common should

Aries girl and Virgo boy?

No way!

Virgo boy and Aries girl?

No way!

Would a Virgo girl and a Taurus-Gemini cusp boy be compatible?

If he is a Taurus on the cusp of Gemini, thing will be better than if he is a Gemini on the cusp of Taurus.

Is a Virgo boy and Aquarius girl campatible?


How does a Aries girl attract a Virgo boy?

You'll be disappointed, because Virgo is too cautious for you.

Does a Gemini girl and a Virgo boy match with each other?

Gemini has a difficult relationship with Virgo.

I m Virgo boy how to attract a Virgo girl?

You be yourself and be as considerate as possible - don't do to her what you don't want her to do to you!

You are Virgo boy want marry Leo girl?

NOT recommended

Do a Pisces girl and Virgo boy go together?