Cancer (zodiac sign)

Is a Cancer boy and Virgo girl compatible?

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2008-07-04 03:12:46

A quiet-living couple who will snuggle up real close and whisper

secret thoughts to each other. For the Virgo lady, preferably in

her ear, the only place seemly enough for such thoughts to go ....

(Source: AquarianAge Romance ) This is a good match that can

definitely lead to real, lasting love. With a Cancer boy, both you

and he will feel more passionate and confident than you do with

most other signs. His mushy, cuddly love style makes you feel nice

and secure. You won't have to worry about this boy straying- when

he falls in love, he stays in love! You will both have to watch

your mouths a bit- you both have a tendency to be over-critical. If

you can keep your picky comments to yourselves, though, this

relationship has a real chance to turn into the "real thing." It's

a very good love match. ( Source: Jellybean's Astro-Soulmate

Guide ) Wow! What a match. In addition to being a great

potential relationship, Virgo girl and Cancer boy will probably

have the kind of friendship that will last for years and years.

Even if you don't walk down the aisle together, you'll share a

common understanding that will transcend time and space. What

better foundation could there be? ( Source: FUNgirl -

Astrology ) too quiet...

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