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:A DVD decoder is a software program. Even if you have a DVD ROM you still need a decoder. Your operating system whether it be windows or Linux or mac or whatever may have a built in DVD software decoder depending on the version and any updates you may have. With out the decoder program your OS cannot reconize the file format for a DVD. The decoder program is the link between the OS and the DVD ROM drive. IF you bought a new DVD drive it should have came with a decoder on a CD.

A DVD driver is also a program that enables communication between your PC & DVD Player/Burner. While the Decoder program enables your PC to recognize the files on your DVD.


DVD is a compression format, a way to reduce data and still transfer what you need, & it is a physical storage format. Straight data (documents, pictures, sounds, regular movies) are non-compressed when burned to a DVD but a DVD movie uses compression to get more data on to the disk. A codec is what tells a computer how to compress the data; a decoder is just the part that reads the DVD movie info and turns it into pictures.

A driver is a piece of computer code that tells the operating system how to deal with a physical device - a drive, a screen, a printer, a mouse .. these all need drivers to translate the physical data from the device into a format the main machine expects. Without a driver you can run a decoder all day long, but it won't be able to read a disc so that it can show a movie. A driver without a decoder can only handle files and no DVD movie.

So, to watch a DVD movie on your computer you need a driver to read the disc and a decoder to turn that data into something useful (frames of pictures.)

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Why your DVD RW does not read DVD?

Mabey a DVD decoder isn't installed

What are the three way that data on a DVD can be decoded?

Decoder software, decoder card in expansion slot, decoder firmeware on a capture card

Can you play DVDs on a computer?

Yes. You will need a DVD decoder installed on your system, however. Most computers with Windows preinstalled and equipped with a DVD drive have a DVD decoder installed already.

Is a DVD drive the same as a CD rom drive?

No, a CD Driver can only play Cd's but a DVD driver can play DVDs and Cd's.

How do you get a DVD decoder?

If by DVD decoder you mean something to remove copy protection, the best out there is AnyDVD. If you mean the ability to play DVDs download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

Where can i get a driver for an Afreey dd 4008e internal DVD player everything I've found so far has been passed off as a DVD driver but is actually a CD driver?

The device in question is an ATAPI drive that connects to the computer via a PATA cable. These devices do not need / have specific drivers: they all conform to the ATAPI specification, so one generic drive will control them all. If you have trouble seeing the contents of a disc, you may have: 1. A damaged / defective drive 2. A dirty disc 3. An operating system that does not support the filesystem of the disc. If you can see the contents of the disc, but cannot play it in a media player, you likely do not have a DVD decoder installed. A software CD containing should have come with your drive. You can also purchase a DVD decoder, such as WinDVD. VLC, a free media player, also bundles a DVD decoder.

Why doesn't my windows media player play dvds?

In order to play DVDs, you must have a DVD decoder installed. On a retail computer, this will usually be bundled. If not, you will have to purchase a DVD decoder, such as PowerDVD or WindDVD.

Can't you install something so that you will beable to play your DVD in your computer without going to buy a DvD player to be put in your computer?

To play DVDs using the Player in XP, you must have a DVD-ROM drive and a software or hardware DVD decoder installed on your computer. By default, Windows does not include a DVD decoder.

Are DVD drives and DVD burners the same thing?

They can be, but don't have to be. A DVD drive will play a DVD. A DVD burner will play and burn DVD's.

Where can one find a free DVD decoder for Windows XP?

There is a website that offers a free DVD decoder for the Windows XP operating system and it is called Kioskea. You will need to download the pack that corresponds with your native language.

What are the differences between CD driver and DVD driver?

The main difference between a CD driver and a DVD driver have to do with the protocols that operated individual programs.

How do you record from satellite to DVD?

You can hook up your decoder (satellite receiver) to a HDD/DVD Recorder. You then record a channel with the recorder and burn it to a DVD. I do this with a LG RH1888H but there are many other recorders available

Who offers an affordable DVD Decoder for Windows Media Player and how much do they cost on average?

Many stores online and regular stores across America offer an affordable DVD Decoder for Windows Media Player. They cost on average 13 dollars and can be found on at the Microsoft store.

What are the three ways that data on a DVD can be decoded?

P467 of A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC, Sixth Edition by Jean Andrews MPEG decoder card MPEG decoder software bundled with the drive XP, Vista, and Windows 7 have their own internal decoder software

Can you download a driver that will play a DVD using a CD driver?


How do you install a DVD decoder on a PC?

A decoder is software, not a physical device. You can get a full-use 21 day trial. Go to and download anyDVD. Install the program (app) and navigate to your DVD drive (ususlly D:). Once you select the title you want to burn the app will step you through the process during which you will be asked to insert a blank dvd.

Can Nokia N8 be used as infrared controller for TV or DVD or Decoder?

of course NO. N8 doesn't have IR to begin with.

Is avi the same as mpeg that is will it play on a DVD player?

First, I don't think avi is the same as mpeg. Second, both avi and mpeg file couldn't be player on DVD player. You need to convert and burn them to a DVD disc then you could watch them on DVD player. To burn avi or mpeg file to DVD, you will need a DVD driver, blank DVD disc and a DVD burner software. The operation is not as difficult as it seems.

How Can You play DVD's on Widows Media Player 11 with out a DVD decoder?

dvds should be able to play by default as long as you have a DVD player in your computer. once inserted, it should auto play, if not go into your library and there should be a disk icon on the left which you can double click to play. no decoder should be necessary

What is the smallest MacBook?

The macbook air. it is the same size as the normal macbook but thinner. The limitation is that you don't have a cd/dvd-driver in it.

What are the differences between a Coby TFDVD7008 DVD player and a Coby TFDVD7377 DVD player?

The Coby TFDVD7377 DVD player plays Divx and has USB Port & SD Memory Card Slot and Dolby Digital decoder

Where do you find a free DVD decoder?

Use VLC Media Player instead of Windows Media Player and you have that issue solved.

Can a ps2 DVD driver run on a PC?


Which DVD players play VCDs?

Nearly all DVD players will play VCDs.It's a lot more common in Asia and is pretty much the same thing so far as the DVD player is concerned.

Do you need drivers for DVD drives?

No. All remotely modern CD and DVD drives use a standard interface and protocol. Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X all have a generic driver that will allow you to use the drive. You will still need to provide a DVD decoder program, but this must come with the drive itself, due to licensing issues; you can't legally download one.