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Yes. DVD writers are capable of writing to ("burning") blank DVDs, and CDs

as well.

However, you cannot use a CD burner to burn a DVD, and in some cases read it.

Here's the chain of command:

  1. Blu-ray

    burner - burns to Blu-ray

    discs, DVDs and CDs

  2. DVD burner - Burns to DVDs and CDs
  3. CD burner - burns only to CDs
Hopefully that clears things up.
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Are DVD drives and DVD burners the same thing?

They can be, but don't have to be. A DVD drive will play a DVD. A DVD burner will play and burn DVD's.

Is there a difference between dual layer DVD writer and dual layer DVD burner?

The term writer and burner are synonymous when it comes to DVD and CD drives. They both transfer data from the computer and write or burn it to the optical disc.

Does this have a CD/DVD burner?

Yes. The drive type is DVD-Writer, which reads and writes to CDs and DVDs.

Why does your windows media player say no CD or DVD burner detected?

Because u have no CD-writer/DVD-writer/combo drive.even if u have this,media player also shows that;its simple,there is no CD or DVD in DVD-ROM or DVD-ram.

Is there a CD burner or writer on a dell optiplex gx520?

No, by default GX520 comes with a built-in device which is CD player and burner + DVD player.

How does an external DVD burner work?

An external DVD burner works essentially the same as an internal DVD burner, taking data from the computer and writing it onto a DVD disc. The main difference is that an external burner connects to the computer via a cable, typically through the USB port.

Why DVD burner can't burn CD but can burn DVD?

because it is a DVD burner, not a CD burner

How do you burn a DVD with Windows 7?

If you have a DVD burner installed, putting in an empty writable DVD should bring up the Windows DVD writer wizard. Just follow the instructions.

What is c d writer?

CD writer = CD burner, is a computer drive that allow you to storage(burn/write) stuff on a CD or DVD disc

How do I know what format of blank DVD is compatible with my computer's DVD burner?

It will say DVD-R or DVD on your burner.

How does one use a DVD burner?

The first thing to do to use a DVD burner is to either purchase or download burning software. Once the software is obtained, you can burn DVD's and play them back on any available DVD player.

Can you convert CD burner into DVD burner?

No. The laser in a CD burner is too wide to write to a DVD properly.

Can you write images of Xbox 360 games with any DVD writer?

yes but most games are bigger than the average DVD capacity you will need to use a dual layer DVD burner

Is a DVD burner software or hardware?

A DVD Burner is hardware. Software would be stated as a DVD Burning Program.

Can a DVD burner burn DVD-r but not DVD-rw?

A normal DVD burner should can burn both DVD-r and DVD-rw.

What is a DVD burner?

This is what a DVD Burner is. If you know what a DVD Movie is then this will make you want one. A DVD Burner is where you have movies (movies such as wmp, .mkv e.t.c) on your laptop or computer that has a DVD Buner (NOT A CD Burner). DVD Burners are used to BURN(no I dont mean to set Blank DVD+R/DVD-R on fire) movies onto a blank DVD that can be played on your DVD Player (yes a DVD player). If you want a DVD Burner I suggest you get yourself a Laptop that as a DVD Burner installed. If you want alot of movies on your burned DVD you'll need alot of space on that DVD. Most of the Bla

Can you burn a DVD without a DVD burner?


Do you need a DVD burner program to burn a DVD from bit torrent?

Yes, a DVD burner is needed to burn a DVD from bit torrent movies.

Do you need a double layer DVD burner to burn double layer DVD?

Yes, you do need a burner with double layer DVD .

When installing a hard drive and a DVD writer on the same IDE channel which do you configure as the master and which as a slave?

Hard drive as master and DVD writer as slave.

What's the fastest dvd burner I can buy?

Aluminum Slim External Ultra Fast "DUAL LAYER" DVDRW ± CD / DVD Burner is a really fast dvd burner.

Wii should use DVD-r or DVD r?

They're the same thing. If you mean either DVD-R or DVD+R then most optical devices these days recognise and read both. Your burner too. Best to check the specification before committing however.

What rom is needed to burn DVD?

If you already have a DVD burner, then the ROM you select is decided by your DVD burner. Take an example, my DVD burner supports DVD-r, DVD+r, DVD+rw, DVD-rw, so I can select any of then to burn my movies to. However, generally speaking, a DVD-rw is more compatible.

What is the difference between a DVD-Rom and a DVD Burner?

DVD-Rom can play DVDs, a burner can play and copy DVDs. That's right, but what's more, a burner can be a DVD burner or a burning software which is able to convert and burn videos and movies to DVDs so you could play it on your DVD player.

Can you play a DVD RW disc recorded on a TV on a computer's DVD drive?

Yes. There is no difference that I know of between a DVD burned on a computer DVD burner and a DVD burned on a "tv" DVD burner.