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I can't find production dates for a model 357, but if it is marked J Stevens Arms Co (NOT J. Stevens and Co or J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co), the gun was made no earlier than 1920 and before 1950.

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Q: Is a J Stevens Arms Co double-barreled hammerless shotgun with the number 357 located ahead of the trigger guard on the bottom older than the nineteen twenties?
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Where can you find information about Stevens shotguns?

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

How old is a model 385 double barrel hammerless Stevens shotgun?

1910, give or take a few years.

What guns did Stevens arms co make under the riverside arms co?

The Model 215, a hammer gun, and the model 315, a hammerless

What is the age of a 12 gauge J Stevens Arms Company double barrel hammerless Springfield shotgun with the number 569xx on all parts?


What year was a hammerless single barrel shotgun made by J Stevens Tool Co?

The name with "Tool Co" at the end was only used from 1887 - 1916.

Where can you find a J Stevens A and T Model Number?

If the model number isn't marked somewhere on the gun, it's pretty hard to determine exactly which Stevens double you have since they made at least 60 different models in three basic configurations - side hammer, back hammer, and hammerless. I can tell you that the "arms & tool" version of the company name was used from 1886 to 1916. If has a hammerless boxlock action, it was made after 1903.

What is a Stevens sixteen gauge 311 with nineteen and a quarter inch barrels worth?

Barrels have been cut down. 100-175 USD

What is a J Stevens arms and tool co 16 gauge hammerless shotgun only markings BD 0269 worth?

Single barrel, $50-$75. Double, $150-$250.

Where can you get a stock for a J Stevens 16 gauge hammerless double barrel shotgun?

Many gunsmiths will have one or two in the back room, or you can order from Numrich Gun Parts at the related link.

Who made Central Arms double barrel 16 gauge April 1915?

If that date is Apr 20, 1915, the gun is a J. Stevens Arms Co Model 311 hammerless.

What model 12 gauge Stevens hammerless side by side used latches to hold the firing pins back instead of hammers to strike them forward?

That pretty well describes any hammerless action. -- Not Completely -- Most 'hammerless' boxlock actions do in fact have internal hammers. The later Stevens 311 guns have them. However, certain earlier submodels of the 311, the Stevens 330, 3151, 315 and so forth actually do not have hammers at all. The firing pins are very long and extend back into the action and are actually themselves held against spring tension by the sears. Pulling the trigger lowers the sear associated with that trigger and allows the firing pin to go forward under tension from its spring, firing that barrel. We have a substantial inventory of parts for these guns.

What is the age of a Newport double barrel hammerless with serial number 30944?

Hibbard Spencer Bartlett & Co sold guns with the Newport name as early as the 1880s, but a hammerless Newport double would have been made by either Crescent between 1903 and 1930 or Stevens after that. The HSB trade names were discontinued during or shortly after World War 2.

What is the value of a Stevens hammer less 16ga. double bearell?

The value of any firearm is based on exact make, model and condition. You need a hands-on assessment to give you an actual value- anywhere from $100 to $600 at a guess. There were dozens of different models of Stevens side by side hammerless guns. Sorry-

You have an antique pump 20 gauge shotgun stamped Ranger It is hammerless with a square receiver similar to a browning automatic There is no serial number but it is very well made and has a modern fel?

This is probably a Stevens model 520. What is your question?

What is a Worthington arms company double barrel hammerless 16 ga shotgun worth?

The Worthington was made by both Crescent and Stevens for George Worthington Company of Cleveland. Value is about $100 to $150, depending on condition and originallity

Who manufactured the Wards Western Field Model 52?

Double barrel hammerless boxlock, right? My cross-reference list says this is a Savage/Stevens 315. I can't find any references that show it ever being sold under the Savage or Stevens name, only as Riverside, Springfield, and apparently various 'store brands'.

What year did J Stevens Firearms make the Springfield double barrel sixteen gauge hammerless shotguns?

The Springfield name was used starting about 1915 until the late 1940's. From 1916 to 1920, the plant was used to manufacture Mosin-Nagant rifles for the Russian military and no Stevens firearms were produced. In 1920 the company was purchased by Savage Arms and production of the Stevens trade names, including Riverside and Springfield, was resumed.

How can you purchase a stock for a 1915 riverside arms 12 gauge hammerless doublebarrell?

I believe the 1915 patent date means the gun is identical to the Stevens 311 series. Numrich Gunparts at the related link should be able to help you.

What is the value of a hammerless double barrel shotgun that says Riverside Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915 on the side and is this a Stevens 311?

This is likely a Stevens 315 I also have a hammerless double barrel shotgun but it has J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915.The way I was told to tell what model it was,by the length of the upper tang.The model 315 has a 2 5/8" Tang and a model 515 has a Tang of 2 7/8".My gun is the model 315 and from the J Stevens name I have been told that it was made between 1915 and 1936.As far as the value goes I have seen them go for between $250.-$400. I got mine at a garage sale for $100. 5 years ago.

What is the Value of a J Stevens model 225?

J. Stevens Model 225 Hammer Boxlock: Same price for models 1877, 250, 260, 270, 280 and Hammerless Boxlock 380 Information as of 2008 Firearms Price & Reference guide NIB=1200, Exc=575, V.G.=450, Good=350, Fair=250, Poor=200

What is the age of J Stevens Arms Company .410 double barrel hammerless shotgun made in Chico-pee Falls mass?

I also own one and I can assume since it was pre- "Savage" it has to be before 1920 wjhen J Stevens was purchased; I continue to look as I have taken a six digit number frm the steel section inside of the fore piece for reference...

Who manufactured the Ranger 410 double barrel hammerless shotgun?

Made for Sears Roebuck by Stevens. There may be a model number on the right side of the receiver (most likely 5000, 5100, or 311) or a Sears product number on the barrel (101.6?) which could give an approximate date.

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