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Yes the Missouri Fox Trotter is used for Hunting.

Missouri Fox Trotters are gaited horses not hunters.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is 14.2 to 16.2 hands high.

no! a missourifox trotter is a horse, not a fox

From the options that HorseIsle gives you, it's anything but the Welsh Cob.

From the options HorseIsle gives you, it's anything BUT the Welsh Cob.

For HorseIsle's quiz, it's anything but the Welsh Cob. So yes.

Out of the options that HorseIsle gives you, it's anything but the Welsh Cob. So, yes.

The fox trot, a combination of trot and canter. Same for Howrse.

the same as any other horse, approximately 30 years.

The Missouri Fox Trotter has a longer body, with good strong bones, they have larger heads, and thicker necks, they also have a smaller buttox than some other breed ex: Quarterhorse, thoroughbred. The breed was developed for the gait, not for a conformational ideal, Fox Trotters come in all sizes, and colors. Ranging anywhere from 14.3 - 15.3 H (1 hand=4inches)

The gait is called the "fox trot." The horse appears to be walking with its front legs and trotting with its hind legs.

Yes. Out of the options that HorseIsle's quiz gives you, it's anything but the Welsh Cob.

It all comes down to the individual horse. The most popular type of curb bit over the years is the medium shank, low port aluminum.

Well a purebred Fox Trotter will have papers and be registered with it's correct breed association. Otherwise you have to look at the horses gaits and figure out if it fox trots or not.

The hunting of a fox on horseback and with dogs who track and trap the fox.

Bad for the foxes good for the dogs

whippet, good to watch and good for bowling a reden

Fox hunting originated in the United Kingdom.

Everbody because fox hunting is against the law.

No fox hunting isn't banned in Ireland !

Fox hunting is often practiced by rich people on their own land. Sometimes fox hunting is practiced in nearby forests.

Peter Beckford has written: 'Thoughts on hunting' -- subject(s): Fox hunting, Horses 'Thoughts upon hare and fox hunting' -- subject(s): Horses, Fox hunting, Hares 'Thoughts upon hunting' -- subject(s): Fox hunting, Horses, Hare hunting

Fox hunting was banned in the UK in November 2004.

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