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It is an omnivore.

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Is a Moorish Idol fish a carnivore?

They are omnivores

What does a Moorish idol eat?

moorish idols are omnivores

What does the moorish idol eat?


Where do the moorish idol live grow?

in austraila

What is a moorish idol?

A Moorish Idol is a black, white, and yellow marine fish that lives in the tropical areas. They are popular aquarium fish but have short lifespans and sensitivity when kept in one. The character "Gill" in Disney & Pixar's "Finding Nemo" is a Moorish Idol fish.

What type of fish is Gil of finding nemo?

Gil is a Moorish idol .

Do Moorish Idol lay eggs?

Yes! They do, I sadly don't know how many.

What is the Moorish idol habitat?

nobody will ever know. they are very mysterious creatures.

Weight of a moorish idol fish?

The weight of a adult Moorish Idol fish ranges from 1.5 to 3-pounds. They grow up to 9.1-inches in length. The colorful fish are popular salt-water aquarium pets.

What does gil look like on Finding Nemo?

Gill is a Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus)

What do the moorish idol eat?

The diet of the Moorish Idol fish differs depending upon if it is wild or in captivity. Wild Moorish Idols eat things like sponges, tunicates, coral polyps, and other invertebrate creatures. When kept in captivity they tend to be picky and will either eat nothing (which is the most common behavior) or everything. This is probably one of the main reasons that they have such a low life-span in captivity.

Which fish from the tank helps Nemo escape to find his father?

The characters name is Gill, and he is supposed to be a Moorish Idol, Zanculus cornutus.

What is the phylum of a moorish idol fish?

Phylum Chordata. Just like all fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, dinosaurs, amphibians etc.

Who are the fish in the fish tank in 'Finding Nemo'?

Nemo is a Clownfish, Bubbles is a Yellow Tang, Peach is a Starfish, Gill is a Moorish idol, Bloat is a Pufferfish, Jacques is a Pacific Cleaner Shrimp, Deb is a Four Stripe Damselfish, and Gurgle is a Royal Gramma. Types of Fishes, in matching order: (Clownfish) Amphiprion ocellaris (Yellow Tang) Yellow tang (Starfish) Starfish (Moorish Idol) Moorish idol (Puffer Fish) Puffer fish (Pacific Cleaner Shrimp) Pacific cleaner shrimp (Four Stripe Damselfish) Dascyllus melanurus (Royal Gramma) Royal gramma

What kind of fish was scarface in Finding Nemo?

There's no such character called Scarface in Finding Nemo. The character you're referring to is Gill & he's a Moorish Idol.

What is the lifespan of a moorish idol?

In aquaria, not very long. They have very complex dietary needs that are difficult / impossible to replicate. Better to leave these gorgeous fish in the ocean, I'm afraid.

What kind of fish is Gill from Finding Nemo?

The black and white fish Named "Gill" from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo is a Moorish Idol. Though aquariums often state this fish as a Black and White Heniochas.

Name of fish in tank in finding nemo?

Nemo - Clown fish Gil - Moorish Idol Bloat - Porcupinefish (puffer) Gurgle - Royal Gramma Peach - Starfish Deb/Flo - Damselfish Bubbles - Yellow tang Jacques - Pacific cleaner shrimp

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