Is a Muslim considered a protestant?


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No, Protestants are a sub-group of the Christian faith. Primarily, it refers to non-Catholic, Christian denominations.

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No. Abraham Lincoln was a Protestant Christian.

He is Muslim through his father and Protestant Christian through his mother. Can you not tell from his skin of what he is?

Roman Catholic, Muslim, Protestant and Jewish

Catholic Muslim Hindu Protestant African Christian and Jewish.

Yes sarah khan is a muslim. She was born in a muslim family. Hence, she is considered as a muslim.

Yes, both are considered to be protestant Christian denominations.

Roman Chatholic, Protestant, Christian, Muslim, and more. hope this helps

Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhism, Judaism.

protestant, catholic, christian, methodis, muslim, allah,

catholic, protestant ,Jews , Muslim

Muhammad is considered the "perfect man" and the ideal example for a Muslim lifestyle.

Yes, the Puritans split from the Anglican Church and both are considered as Protestant denominations.

Rwanda has four religions; roman catholic, Protestant, Adventist, and Muslim.

Right now Guatemala has a the highest percentage of Protestant with about 25%.

You are either a Catholic or a Protestant. You cannot be a Protestant Catholic. That is an oxymoron - like pretty ugly, jumbo shrimp, etc.

Lutheranism, the Methodist church, the Presbyterian church, the Baptists, some of the Anglican Communion, and all of the evangelical churches are Protestant.

Any denomination besides Catholic.

No. His father was born a Muslim, but left the religion and became an atheist. Barack Obama was mainly raised by his maternal grandparents, and they were mainstream Protestant Christians.

There is a great significance between Muslim girls and puberty. When Muslim girls get to puberty, they are considered to be ready for marriage.

A Muslim is always considers to be a Muslim unless he choose to change his religion...but that's not acceptable in Islam..........

No,Usain Bolt is a Christian(protestant).Jamaica is a Christian(protestant) majority nation.Catholics are less than 2% and Muslims less than 0.1% of Jamaican population.

Yes and No. I Muslim male may marry a non-Muslim female. A Muslim female may not marry a non-Muslim male. All children are considered Muslim regardless of the religion of the non-Muslim.

there are 7 religions in Africa (Muslim,christian,animist,catholic,protestant,coptic and Hindu)

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