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Is a Supreme Court decision permanent?


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In most cases a Supreme Court decision is permanent. The current Supreme Court can change the decision of a previous Supreme Court.

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can another court change the decision of a Supreme Court case

The only court that can overturn a Supreme court decision is the Supreme court itself. The Supreme court is the highest ruling court in the United States of America.

The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as an opinion. Rulings by the US Supreme Court cannot be appealed by a higher court.

Since you didn't say WHICH Supreme Court decision, there is no way to answer the question.

No it can't. The only way to overturn a supreme court decision is either another supreme court decision, or a constitutional amendment.

Congress cannot change a supreme court decision. They can only implement new legislation which the court can continue to rule on. To change the basis of a supreme court decision, the constitution needs to be changed.

supreme court's decision is the fynal decision. supreme court can ineterpret the law. supreme court hav a right to punish the personif he/she breaks the law.

The only court that can overturn a Supreme court decision is the Supreme court itself.

Because the supreme court is the highest ranking court.

The decision made by the Supreme Court is final.

The US Supreme Court's official decision is known as the "opinion" of the Court.

The Supreme Court must have a simple majority to render a decision in a case.

You can appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada from a lower court, but you cannot appeal a decision made by the Supreme Court

A U. S. president cannot reverse a U. S. Supreme Court decision or the decision of the Supreme Court of any state or territory.

Yes, they can.However, if the decision involves a question of federal or constitutional law and the case is petitioned to the US Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari, and if the U.S. Supreme Court grants certiorari, and if the U.S. Supreme Court rules differently from the state supreme court, the state is bound by the U.S. Supreme Court decision under the doctrine of Stare decisis, which is abbreviated from a Latin phrase that means "let the decision stand."

the lower court's decision stands unless there is a majority of the Supreme Court in favor of overturning it.

what resulting from supreme court decision in board of education of topeka

The decision then remains what it was when appealed to the Supreme Court.

US Supreme Court decisions are called opinions.

the elements of a decision of the US Supreme Court

The decision of the previous appeals court that heard the case is the final decision should the Supreme Court refuse to hear the case.

All US Supreme Court decisions require a simple majority vote for a decision. For example, if nine justices hear a case, at least five must agree on a decision.The only court that can overturn a US Supreme Court decision is the Supreme Court itself.

The president does not have any power over the decisions of the Supreme Court. Only the Supreme Court itself can overturn a supreme court decision.

The supreme court sided with the defendant.The company decided to appeal against the ruling with the supreme court.

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