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Is a Winchester Model 100 recommended for pig hunting?


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2015-07-16 18:03:37
2015-07-16 18:03:37

The M100 Winchester is, in my opinion, as reliable as either the Remington or the Browning. On the other hand, the Browning will probably have the nicest finish, followed by the Remington, with the Winchester having the most utilitarian finish. It's not ugly, but it's a shooter, not a showpiece.

My first center fire rifle was a Winchester model 100 carbine in 308 (mid 1960's). This carbine still sits proudly in my gun safe. I've owned remingtons, brownings in addition to the Winchester ... but the Winchester carbine has remained my favorite...its shoots fairly well...2 inch 100 yd groups....and carrys second to none...and its never failed to take a Georgia whitetail when i did my part.. a place called Pagel Gun Mich.. i believe...specializes in working on this rifle...they call it the whitetail special...but im sure it would do just fine as a "pig special."

Dear Reader, The model 100 was my first gun, after 5 were stolen.The rifle shoots well, never jammed, and is the best balanced gun I've shouldered in AUTO.

I recently purchased a .284, after looking at the ballistics, I was impressed to find out what a good cartridge this one is. If you do stumble on .284, its rarer. The .308 carbine is more rare than the regular length one as I am told.Good luck, I love my two.P.S> They both shoot well


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your winchester model 100 semi-auto rifle was made by winchester in 1962.

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The value of a Winchester model 74 .22 caliber rifle is between $100 and $500 depending on its condition. These rifles are commonly used for target practice and small game hunting.

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The Winchester Model 100 debuted in 1961 with the last one being produced in 1973.

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your Winchester model 100 semi-auto was made in 1965.

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the Winchester model 100 semi-auto rifle was made between 1961-1975.

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