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Is a baby mouse supposed to have a white spot on its stomach Because our little baby mouse has this white spot that is almost bubbly. Is that normal?

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2014-09-11 02:27:12

I am not an expert on mice, however, look exactly where the spot

is. If the spot is in the center, but below the chest area, it may

be where the umbiblical cord was attached. Just a thought! I'm also

not an expert on mice but I don't believe they have umbilical

cords, seeing as they can have a litter from 5-10 babies at a


I have heard that white spots on the belly indicate they are

full, if they appear after may want to consult a pet

shop or vet. good luck.

Yes, it is normal; it is an organ. considering the answers the

only thoughts that i have are the full one and the organ one

otherwise i WOULD consult a vet because i have heard of cancer in a


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