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yes a black and yellow spider is poisoness

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What is a black spider with yellow stripes?

Argiope aurantia is a black spider with yellow stripes. Its common names join such different physical descriptions as black and yellow garden spider, corn spider, writing spider, and zipper spider. The black and yellow garden spider generally may be considered harmless to humans.

What kind of spider is black and yellow?

argiopop aurantian or call it a black and yellow garden spider

Black spider with 2 line yellow in its back?

Could be the Black and yellow garden spider.

Canary yellow spider with black spots on its back?

a little spider black legs and yellow back with black spots

What Spider black yellow garden?

It's a perfectly harmless (and beautiful) ARGIOPE spider. Also called the black and yellow garden spider, banana spider, or corn spider.

What kind of spider has a yellow thorax with black spots?

black and yellow argiope spider or a spiny orb weaver spiders are 2 I can think of also the yellow or golden garden spider.

What spider is mostly black and has two yellow dots on its underside?

black spider with 2 yellow dots on its under side

What kind of spider has yellow and black legs with a black body with two yellow stripes?

Black and Yellow Garden Spider http://www.enature.com/fieldguides/detail.asp?recNum=IS0107

What kind of spider has a fat round yellow body with black spots?

A black spotted yellow spider that just ate a gumball.

What type of black spider has vertical yellow stripes on body and orange rings on legs?

A black spider with yellow stripes is a garden orb spider. These are very common and not poisonous to humans.

Is there such thing as a small black spider with yellow stripes?

I was bitten today by a small black insect with yellow stripes, I think it was a spider but I am not too sure.

What does a yellow garden spider look like?

I think it's actually called the black & yellow garden spider.

What spider has a black and yellow stripped body and legs?

Garden spider, also called writing spider.

What spider has tiger striped legs and a black and yellow body from Georgia?

The beautiful (and harmless to humans) ARGIOPE (commonly called black and yellow garden spider, banana spider, corn spider). Orb weaver. Large. Docile.

What spider name that is yellow and black?

it is an argiope aurantia spider it could be dangerous if it were a banna spider or its not dangerous if it were a garden spider

I have a spider in my kitchen and he is yellow and grey and black and orange and a little brown. What kind of spider is this could it be a jumping spider?

I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

What is a Spider with black and yellow abdomen and black legs with red and yellow rings called?

the answer to this question is a orbed web garden spider. they are not poisonous but their bite really hurts.

Black spider with orange zigzag marks?

This is most likely a common garden spider. They typically are described as black and yellow, but the yellow markings can appear orange at times.

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