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You can never be sure it's permanent. Instead of sitting around moping get out there with girlfriends and don't be afraid to date again. Many people need "time out" to figure out where they are going in a relationship. Either your boyfriend is very wise or he's copping out on you. Start dating again!

2006-08-25 19:46:17
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What do you do when you have been dumped?

Nothing if i got dumped a girl) i would want to make him feel jealous. When i had a boyfriend once he dumped me I cried a little and my best friends helped me get through this. I realized I spent to much time with my boyfriend that I needed time to spent with my friends. We had a better time. You just have to keep your lives going when you have a breakup. * ** *** **** ***** I agree **** *** ** *

What is the purpose permanent teeth?

They are needed for the chewing of food.

Changing transmission fluid on Audi A4?

Not needed- semi-permanent.

What type of memory is permanent and includes instructions needed by the CPU?


How did Niall Horan and ex breakup?

either before he auditioned for the ex factor or when he got in he told her that he needed to concentrate on his career

How many research stations are on Antarctica?

There are permanent, semi-permanent and temporary research stations on Antarctica. The number of permanent stations exceeds 40, on a continent that covers 10% of the surface of Earth. From the permanent stations, seasonal/ semi-permanent and temporary research stations are established as needed.

Is permanent make-up really permanent or do you have to have it touched up or redone periodically?

Permanent make-up, usually in the form of tattoos, is indeed permanent. It will last decades with no need to be touched up. If needed it can be removed but this is an expensive process.

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Water is water. It is already in the right form to be absorbed, no breakup needed.

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8 hours

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for permanent magnet no current is needed to pass through it,where as non permanent magnets like (soft iron) needs current to make it a magnet and after current goes it is no more a magnet.

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no, your body isn't mature enough and lacks the hormones needed to do that.

A device that holds data until needed?

Permanent storage device such as a hard drive.

Why did bowwow ciara breakup?

probably because he thought ciara was a man that what been going on but i do not think it is true i think they just needed a break off each other

How do you get over a breakup of 2 yrs We had a great two years but she needed more affection and for some reason you never gave it. She even told me what she needed and you still didnt provide it.?

Move on. You made a choice and can't change the past.

What is the meaning of dream that your ex-boyfriend is dying?

I am not the best at interpretations but I think it means that your ex boyfriend is no longer a part of your life and is a dying memory no longer needed.

Is love needed if people want to commit into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?

yes of course

What does it mean when your girlfriend broke up with you because she needed space but she has a new boyfriend less than a week later?

She must have not needed any space. She probably already had a new boyfriend lined up, but did not know how to tell you. I wish you luck and I hope that you are not sad.

How is a permanent marker made?

A permanent marker is a type of marker pen that is used to create permanent writing on an object. Generally the liquid is water resistant, contains a solvent such as xylene, toluene, or alcohol[citation needed]and is capable of writing on a variety of surfaces from paper to metal to stone

Why is backing storage needed in computer?

Data stored in backing storage ispermanent so it is NOT lost when the computer is turned off.

What is needed to revert jailbroken PS3 v 4.23 back to v 4.21?

Sony claims updates are permanent and not reversible

If you have recently became close friends with a girl and have a thing for her but she has a boyfriend what should you do?

Clarification needed. Are you male or female?

What do you do in supply teaching?

Supply teaching is similar to a substitute teacher, you work when needed the most or you work in a temporary position where needed, the down fall is the pay and the hours aren't as promising as a permanent position.

Why is there a leader in every country?

What do you do when your life gets crazy from your house is flooded to your boyfriend broke up with you on Valentine's Day to your boyfriend is trying to kill you?

House is flooded? Buy a bucket to move the water. Boyfriend broke up with you on Valentine's Day? Take purchased bucket, place on ex-boyfriend head, and slap it. Boyfriend is trying to kill you? Try to not let him kill you, incorporate said bucket if needed.

Should you shave before your boyfriend fingers you?

It isn't absolutely needed, but a matter of personal preference between the two of you.