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Periods can become lighter while on the pill. I wouldn't consider this a sign of pregnancy.

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If you have your period while pregnant would you get big clots and a dark brownish color?

Clots during pregnancy is usually a indication of a miscarriage. Brown bleeding is usually old blood which isn't a normal period.

Is brown discharge after a period a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is just old blood

Is a brown period dangerous?

It definitely isn't dangerous hun. A brown period is old blood. Usually caused by left over blood from your previous period or pregnancy related.

What could cause you to have brown discharge at the time of your period for two months instead of menstruating regularly?

Hello. Various things could be the cause of this light brown period. Brown blood is old blood. So it sounds like your not actually having a normal period. I would see your doctor for a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Hello. Various things could be the cause of this light brown period. Brown blood is old blood. So it sounds like your not actually having a normal period. I would see your doctor for a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.

If when you started your period five days ago it was brown with brown clots and has been this way during the whole period is it normal?

Brown blood is usually old blood but if it was light then rule out pregnancy.

Is there a possible chance of pregnancy with brown discharge a week before period along with the feeling of being bloated and mood swings?

There is a possibility yes, especially if your period doesn't arrive. However, brown discharge can de a indication of a UTI and not only pregnancy.

I have had brown mucus blood for the past couple of days but its not my period is this normal could i be pregnant?

If it is when your period is meant to be, take a pregnancy test. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

What does it mean if you are spotting brown blood and have irregular periods and sore breasts?

I would go to the doctor if i were you. Best of luck. you could be pregnant but there might be a problem. I had brown spotting which lead to a period and i miscarried. You need to go to the doctor and get an ultrasound done and blood tests best of luck Brown blood means old blood. This can be a indication of pregnancy. See your doctor for a blood test because of your irregular periods.

I was suppose to get your period on June 202008 no period July 92008 brown light pink blood?

Take a pregnancy test

Missed period brownish blood?

go see a doctor if your worried if you had a spot of brown blood then that's a sign of pregnancy if it were a light flow that's a period

Are you pregnant if you have been spotting brown?

You need a pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant. Spotting brown is simply old blood and not a determining factor of pregnancy. Answer: It could just be your period

Does a brown blood period while on the pill indicate pregnancy if you've been on the pill for more than 6 months and never had breakthrough bleeding until now?

No. I was on the pill for years and I usually had brown blood but no pregnancy!

What does brown blood in your menstrual cycle mean?

Brown blood is old blood. Sometimes menstrual blood can pool when you sit or lie down then when you stand up it will flow but will be a brown color. If you have brown spotty blood or a very light period and have had unprotected intercourse, you may want to take a pregnancy test. Sometimes implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period.

Is brown slimy discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Brown discharge is usually a indication of blood in the discharge. If you had sex around 8-14 days ago then this could be implantation bleeding. If your due a period in the next few days it could be pre-period discharge. If your itching and the discharge smell it is a yeast infection which you need some fungal cream for.

What if you skip a period and take two pregnancy tests they come up negative and your next period is brown blood with discharge and tissue?

Brown blood is usually old blood. If you missed a period and had two negative pregnancy tests, you probably just did not menstruate due to stress or some other possible ailment. If you are having other symptoms, go see your doctor (especially if your period is usually very regular).

Brown red blood before period?

Brown red blood 2weeks before period

Does brown period blood mean your pregnant?

iDont think it means your pregnant , like you said its your period , but ithink you should take a pregnancy test still if you think so because alot of women mistake spotings for periods while they are pregnant . But from what someone told me off an website is that brown period blood is just blood tht has lost oxygen . iGet brown period blood myself before & my last day of my period.

Why would you have brown spotting a week after your menstrual cycle?

Left over blood from your period, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy etc ==

If you missed a period and had sex and 3 days later start bleeding brown blood what could that mean?

These are signs of pregnancy.

Dark brown period blood what does it mean?

Dark brown period blood usually appears near the end of your period.

Is it normal that you have old brown blood and I'm a week or two late on your period and still haven't gotten it?

Take a pregnancy test The blood could be spotting, so you should take a pregnancy test especially if you have other pregnancy symptoms.

You always have a brown color period on your first day then it is red the rest of your period but you have had 4 days of brown colored period which is not very heavy could you be pregnant?

Its impossible for you to have your period during a pregnancy , but there are cases that women have bleeding during pregnancy time , but that would only would be a few days, and brown blood means that you have misscarried if your pregnant so check with your doctor.

What is brown discharge after a period is it pregnancy?

It is just old dried blood. Sometimes near the end of your period it stops and starts for a day or two as it gets lighter. The brown discharge is just blood that has taken a while to exit the vagina. Nothing to worry about.

What does it mean if your period blood is brown?

It means that the blood is old. It's usually brown after or b4 your period.

Im 5 days late for period i jus started today my period blood is brown but it started out brown not sure soon what colour what could possibly be?

It isn't uncommon for the blood to be brown when you first start your period, especially if you are five days late. If there is a chance that you may be pregnant, a home pregnancy test can be taken.