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Is the bump under the skin on a testicle? If so, tell a doctor soon - it could be testicular cancer. If not, bumps on the scrotum can be many things - pimples, ingrown hairs, syphillis, HPV (genital warts,) etc. Tell a doctor about it - they will know what to do.

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Q: Is a bump on your scrotum a sign of an STD?
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Is that a STD if you have a scrotum?

A scrotum is a normal part of the male anatomy. It is not a sign of an STD.

Does an itchy scrotum mean you have an STD?

No it does not; it could be jock itch.

What can cause Tiny bumps on your penis?

Tiny bump this might be a herpes viruses, if you have some kind of a bump or itching , painful, all over the body this is the sign it will not be cure is a herpes viruses it could be transmitted. I think you have std.

What STD causes a red bump?

It might be Syphilis.

Is yeast a sign of an STD?

Yeast is not a sign of an STD. A few STDs can have symptoms that are similar to yeast infections, but yeast doesn't signify and STD.

Can you get an STD from licking someone's scrotum?

You get STDs when you come in contact with infected liquids (such as blood, semen, ect.). If you have a cut in your mouth and you lick someone's scrotum and they have an open sore from genital herpes, warts, ect. then you can get an STD in your mouth. But otherwise no.Yes you can get a venereal disease from licking a man's scrotum if the man has a STD. Certainly Herpes and Genital warts are possibilities.Yes you can get such diseases as genital herpes or warts.

Are whiteheads a sign of an STD?

No they are not.

Can an STD cause painful urination?

Yes.Painful urination is a sign of STD, but it is also a sign of a bladder infection.

If you have a bump on your vagina and when you pop it it bleeds does it mean you are pregnant?

No. That is not a sign of pregnancy. It sounds more like an STD/STI. Go and see your doctor, and don't have sex until the doctor has said that you can

Can a man divorce his wife if she has an STD?

Probably, as a STD infection is a sign of infidelity.

Does a bump on your vagina mean you have an STD?

Not necessarily, however you should have it checked out by a physician.

Bump on penis but no pus?

get yourself checked, it's most likely an std

Are white blood cells a sign of an STD?

A high white blood cell count could be a sign of a STD or another infection.

Could a small painless bump in my mouth be a symptom of a STD of the mouth.The bump come to a white head but about an hour later the white head was gone.?

What you describe is not consistent with any STD. If you are at risk for STDs, see your health care provider for testing.

What does this sign BUMP mean?

If the sign is seen alongside a road, it literally means a "bump" is in the road, ahead of you. It also means slow down, or you could hit the underside of your car if you go over the bump too fast.

Does having leukocytes in your blood mean you have an STD?

Leukocytes in your blood are normal; they're supposed to be there. They are not a sign of an STD.

What if you vagina itchy is that a sign of prenancy?

No, It may be a sign of an infection or STD, or you may have crabs.

Is a smelly vaginal secretions a sign of early pregnancy?

No it's a sign of a infection or STD.

Is it normal to have a little bump on your scrotum?

Yes it may be acne caused by lack of bathing or too much prespiration in the genital region.

STD in men pain in glands lower abdomen?

That can be a sign of an STD. It would be best if you when to the doctor asap

Are dry cracking lips another sign of an std?


Is strong smelling discharge a sign of STD?

Yes it is.

What kind of std do you have if it hurts to pee and you have a red bump around your anus?

you have syphillis, have a good day sir.

What is a baby bump?

A baby bump is a visible sign of pregnancy, displaying itself as abdominal swelling in a pregnant woman.

What is the dime size open sore on the scrotum?

It could be a lot of things. An STD, an infected hair, a skin infection. You need to go to a doctor.