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No. A magma chamber is the area under a volcano where molten rock is stored. A caldera is a depression in the ground formed during an exceptionally violent volcanic eruption. A caldera forms when a volcano drains a large volume of magma from the magma chamber, causing the volcano to collapse into the space left behind.

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What is another name for a crater?


Forms when a cavern roof collapses?

Caldera - if the collapse is into a volcanoe's magma chamber. If into a limestone cave its is a shake-hole or sink-hole. (I think that may be a US / UK respectively, name division for the same feature.)

Is chamber another name for the house or senate?

neither, sorry but the house meets in a chamber but i dont know the name of that chamber.

Is molten rock another word for magma?

Yes, magma is another name for the molten rocks that are beneath or in the crust.

Is there another name for the lower mantle?


What is magma another name for?

Liquid rock.

What is another name for a small orchestra?

A chamber orchestra. Sinfonietta

What is the birth name of Priscila Caldera?

Priscila Caldera's birth name is Priscila Carla Caldera.

What is another name for the the glass light chamber at the top of a lighthouse?

Lighthouse chamber is a lantern

Another name for magma?

Molten rock or Lava.

What is the opening of the volcano called?

For an ordinary strato volcano (cone-shaped) the throatwould be the name.But for some shield volcanoes, the caldera may be the name of the magma pool whilst it is close to the surface.

What is another name for a tomb?

A pyramid or a burial chamber.

Lava is one name for volcanic fluid. Is there another name?


What is another name for the rock molten?

Magma, or if it is on the surface, lava.

What is another name for hot lava?

magma or molten rock

What are large group of rocks which form from magma or lava?

another name for the mineral crystals in cooling magma or lava

What is another name for underground chamber?

A mining hole or cave.

Another name for bedroom?

A bedroom is a room in the home that is used primarily for sleeping in. Another name for a bedroom is chamber.

The Wilson cloud chamber is used to study?

The Wilson chamber is a particle detector used for detecting ionizing radiation.Another name is cloud chamber.

What is the name of the top of the volcano?


What is another name fir a lava lamp?

magma...light? xD

What is another name for molten rock other than lava?


What is another name for mineral crystals in cooling magma or lava?


What is another name for center of earth that starts with a M?

mantle, magma

What is another name for molten rock?

Magma or lavaLava is molten rock. Magma is a mixture of molten rock and solids.