Is a change in phase a chemical or physical change?


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When a substance changes phase, its chemical properties are not altered. Therefore, changes in phase are physical changes. Thus, melting, freezing, boiling, deposition, condensation, and sublimation are also physical changes.

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A phase change is a physical change. It is not a chemical change.

A change in phase is a physical process.

Phase change is a physical change, not a chemical change.

Physical.A change in phase is a physical change.

I'm guessing your question is "Is freezing* a chemical or physical change?" and if it is, it is a physical change any phase change is a physical change

Physical! It is a phase change.

No. A phase change is a physical change because the substance undergoing the change does not have a change in chemical composition.

When a liquid reaches boiling point it goes through a phase change, liquid to gas. Phase changes do not change the nature of a chemical so it is a physical change. This physical change can sometimes be caused by a chemical change though.

It is a physical change because the chemical composition of the water does not change. Only the phase changes.

The evaporation of perfume is a physical change. The chemical constitution of the perfume has not changed, it is still exactly the same chemical, but it has changed from a liquid phase to a gas phase.

It is a physical change. All phase changes are physical, not chemical. The chemical composition of water does not change when it changes from a liquid to a gas, or for that matter, to a solid.

No, it's a phase change, which is physical.

When water boils, it is a physical change.

No. The formation of carbon dioxide is a change in physical state from the gas phase to the solid phase, which is a physical change.

When a substance changes phase, this is a physical changerather than a chemical change. When water freezes to become ice, or when ice melts to become water, its all physical.

It isn't. Answer --> It is an example of phase change and thus a physical change. Not a chemical change

After a physical change the molecule remain intact.After a chemical change the molecule is modified.

Physical; all phase changes are physical changes because the composition does not change.

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