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Is a chicken drummette white or dark meat?


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The term, "drumette" can mean one of two things.

The first kind of drumette is a small piece of chicken containing a bone - this actually is the larger section of a chicken wing, with the outer tip section removed. This is considered to be white meat.

The second kind of drumette is a shaped piece of formed chicken meat that has been removed from the bone. A processor uses molds to shape the chicken pieces into a bite-sized morsel, after which they are usually breaded and fried (or prepared for frying) and packaged. This kind of drumette can contain either white or dark meat or a combination. It might tell you on the package.

So - to recap - if it has a bone in it, it is part of a chicken wing, and is white meat. If it is boneless, it can be white, dark, or a combination.