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Is a child born in Mexico a US citizen if the child's father is a US citizen?

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If both parents were US citizens and married before the birth, the the child is automatically a US citizen; birthplace is irrelevant. However, if only one parent was a US citizen at the time of the birth , it gets a little trickier. It depends on when the child was born (laws change), however since 1952, if the couple was married before the birth and the father meets residency requirements in the US then the child is a US citizen. Your best bet is to consult an attorney who specializes in this.

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A child born in Mexico the mother is Mexican and the father is American citizen does the child have duel citizenship?


Can a father that is illegal able to take his us citizen child from the uscitizen mother in Mexico?


How does a Mexican mother of American child become a citizen?

father borm in san francisco but the mother is an mexican citizen and baby born in mexico is the baby an american citizen

Do a father still have to pay child support if he marries the childs mother?


If an illegal immigrant mother is deported what happens to her citizen child if his father is a us citizen and they were unwed?

the child goes to the father

Mother an American citizen and father is not child born in another country is the child an American citizen?

Yes. the child is American citizen.

Citizenship of a child born in Mexico of an American mother and a Mexican citizen father?

He is both Mexican and American. He has dual citizenship.

How can you tell whos the father of your child?

A DNA test with the childs and fathers blood

Does a baby born to a US citizen mother and Mexican citizen father have automatic dual citizenship?

Yes, the child is entitled to hold citizenship of both Mexico and the US.

Is a child born in the US a Mexican citizen if the father is Mexican?

No, If the child was born on U.S. soil then the child is a U.S. citizen.

Does a Filipino citizen child has the right to get child support to his American citizen father who is not a legal paren on the birthcertificate?


Has any American woman had a child with a Mexican citizen and tried to get child support from the father residing in Mexico?

You do not have a snow balls chance, there is no reciprocal program with Mexico. You can get an order established, but it will only be enforceable if he re-enters the country. You do have the option of filing a motion in Mexico.

Father an American citizen and mother is not child born in another country is the child an American citizen?

Yes, he will be treated as "US Citizen born abroad"

What custodial rights does an illegal father have to a child born in a marriage with a US citizen?

Same as a US Citizen father, nothing.

If father and child an US citizen and illegal mother is deported What happen to the child?

The child is an American citizen if the child was born on American soil. The child should be able to stay in the US with the father. Unless the mother takes the child with her. There could be a custody dispute between the mother and father, it should be what is best for the child.

Can a man adopt his wifes children if the childs father is paying child support and will not sign over his rights?


Does a child born in Mexico to a Mexican and a US citizen have status as US citizen?

the parents will obviously give them citizenship since there citizens and its there child,

What is the procedure for a grown child of a Greek father to become a Greek citizen?

If your father is Greek and you have been born in Greece then you are a Greek citizen.

How can my daughter can get financial support from her father?

A childs mother must file a petition for child support in the local family court.

Can a child born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and a US citizen become a US citizen?

The child may already be a US citizen. Just apply for a passport. Father must have spend at least five years in the US after age 14. If parents aren't married, get a DNA test to prove paternity.

What if a child US citizen and father US citizen too is death what are the right to the child?

the child has no rights if he is still with his mother but if not,then all the money and things go to te child

Does your child become a citizen when the father is American?

That would depend on if the child is born in america

Is a child born to a US citizen mother and Mexican citizen father cosidered to be a us citizen?

do n/ot under question. are you making reference to the father of the child or to the child? if you are making reference to the father, who apparrently is not a u.s. citizen, the mother, who is a u.s. citizen, can apply to immigration and apply for her husband to come to the u.s. legally. should the father of child already be here legally, then he must apply for u.s. citizenship. the child is a u.s. citizen by virtue of mom being a citizen. good luck..just go to immigration office or if you have a computer, crank in bcis, u.s. government and you will find all types of answers...

What is the citizenship of a baby with a Canadian mother and a filipino father born in the Philippines?

the child will be a citizen of both countries the country that the child is born in and wherever the mother or father is from like say the baby's mother is a filipina and the father is an american the child will be a citizen of both countries

American mother has child in Mexico will that baby be an American?

No he/she was born in that country and is a citizen