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Is a cold virus an active virus or a hidden virus?

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Active. It will go directly to find a host cell and begin the steps of the lytic cycle to cause the host's cell to replicate the virus (see the related questions for more about the lytic cycle). It does not stay "dormant" inside you to manifest symptoms later. An infection will produce symptoms right away if you are infected. Then, once new viruses are made in the host cell, they will burst out and infect more cells and potentially more people.

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Is a cold a hidden or an active virus?

A cold is an active virus.

Do you think that the cold virus is an active virus or a hidden virus.Explain?

A cold sore is a herpes virus. It is found in the nervous system and can remain hidden or latent. When hidden it is not active. When reactivated the sore becomes seen again. Shingles acts the same way.

Is the Cold virus hidden or active virus?

The cold virus is known to be hidden. This is hidden because a virus like this can hide in your body until whenever you start to become sick with this. * I learned about this in Science like a month ago, (: Justsaying. But it is HIDDEN; NOT active, (: wait wait wait how is it hidden if we get it slowly (the cold). and why is it hidden when both ways you'll still get sick. almost all my teachers say its active but in my life science book it states its hidden. whos right whos wrong arggg :( i really need a correct answer :)

Is the cold a hidden or active virus?

The common cold is in fact an active virus. Once the certain virus has infected a new host it immediately begins multiplying within the cells of the new host.

Is smallpox an active or hidden virus?

it is an active virus! : )

Is influenza a hidden or an active virus?

Influenza is an active virus.

Is the cold a hidden or active virus and why?

What is called a cold is an active virus. It is because you show symptoms within 12 hours of infection. If it were latent, it would cause a disease for months even years.

Is a cold sore an active virus?

Cold sores are an active virus.

Is a cold virus an active or hidden virus?

It is an active virus. Hidden viruses are viruses that don't go into action immediately and hide out for a while in your tissues. Once you are infected with a cold virus, you usually become ill right away and once you are over that bout of the flu, the virus will be gone and not lingering around in hiding to come back with symptoms later. Other viruses that are hidden can lie dormant in your tissues for years.

Is the common cold an active or inactive virus?

The common cold is a active virus.

Is influenza virus a hidden virus or an active virus?

You do not categorize virus into hidden or active category. That way, every virus is hidden inside the cell. It can not grow outside the cell. Every virus is active. Otherwise it would have disappeared from the race of life. It is very interesting to know about the virus. Now you study it. Tomorrow the world will learn from you.

Is polio an active or hidden virus?

Im pretty sure polio is a hidden virus

How does a hidden virus become active?

A hidden virus becomes active when like say if you get sick the virus would become active then because it has a greater chance of tearing down your system .

Who does a hidden virus operate?

The virus that causes cold sores in humans is an example of a hidden virus.

Is the mumps an active or hidden virus?

the mumps virus is an active disease so be careful!!!!!!

What is the difference between a hidden virus and a active virus?

A hidden virus is known in the words in its name "HIDDEN virus". It hides and stays inactive. The active virus is also known in its name too "ACTIVE virus". The two viruses have different ways on spreading it own kind throughout the host or hosts.

Is Severe acute respiratory syndrome an active virus or a hidden virus?

Severe Acute Respretory syndrome is a hidden virus

How are an active virus or hidden virus different?

I think it is different because hidden virus stays inside the cell until the body gets weak, and then it gets active. So they dont show the symptoms like the active virus does. And the active virus will show symptoms once it gets into the body, so we will eat medicines to kill the virus. So for the viruses, it is good to be a hidden virus.

Is rabies virus a hidden or active virus?

it is not either it is called actidden......

Is rabies a hidden or active virus?

Rabies is a virus that is hidden. If you get the rabies virus, it can be a very serious manner. Rabies can affect both animals and humans.

What is the difference between active virus and a hidden virus?

The " hidden " virus is called a provirus and it insets it's genetic material into the genome of the invaded cell so that the cell copies itself many times and copies the virus also. An active virus just invades and hijacks the cell immediately to reproduce the virus. The " hidden " type of virus does come out after a time and acts like a active virus then Google lytic cycle and lysoginy.

Are the measles an active or hidden virus?

They are not hidden, when you get measles, you would get symptoms right away.

Is diphtheria a hidden or active virus?

diphteria it is a bacterial infection

What is an example of an active virus?

The common cold is a great example of an active virus. Also, the flu and the herpes virus are also considered to be active viruses.

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