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that system is quite able to proform the basic functions you discribed and could be considered a over kill if that is all you intend to do with it. you can do all them things with a cheaper budget PC and save about 500$

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Q: Is a computer with a Pentium 4 512 mb 34 speed media reader 160mb of storage DVD-RW a good computer for internet and DVD or CD burning?
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What is the Internet service that provides storage to computer users?

The internet service that provides storage to computer users is called the Cloud. Apart from storage, Cloud services also include online collaboration and basic file editing.

What is an Internet service that provides storage to computer users?

Cloud. :)

Is an Internet service that provides storage to computer users.?

Cloud. :)

What is a internet service that provides hard disk storage to the computer?


Where can one find internet storage for ones files?

Online backup storage sites offer free internet storage for personal computer files for a limited time. Barracuda Networks, justCloud, Rackspace, myPCBackup, SOS, and Backup Genie offer internet storage for personal files.

Internet service that provides hard disk storage to computer users?

according to my discovering computers 2008 the answer is ONLINE STORAGE

What is cloud in computer terminology?

'The internet' Or more recently known as online storage

What is internet storage and how does it work?

Internet storage is usually some form of online backup that remotely stores and safeguards your computer files and documents. It works by running in the background of your computer (usually during night at scheduled times) and uploads all of the files you wish to protect.

How do you use computer storage in a sentence?

I have computer storage.

Where can one get storage servers?

One can get storage servers from multiple sites on the internet. Some of those sites are Wuala, Remote Storage, Rack Space, Tech Net, Amazon and ION Computer.

What are three forms of storage for information being stored in a computer?

Computer storage is referred to as memory. Three different types of computer storage are; primary storage, secondary storage and off line storage.

How many storage devices are there in a computer?

there are 10 storage in a computer

What is the main storage for a computer?

The hard drive is the main storage area for a computer.

What are the advantages of internet data storage?

The advantages of internet data storage are that you can access the internet from anywhere in the world as long as you can get an internet connection.Internet data storage is an innovative option that can be used by individuals and businesses.

Can information on the internet be stored to your computer?

of course,there are offline storage software can use it ....softwares are available in torrent

Difference between internal storage and external storage of a computer system and give examples of each?

Internal storage is storage inside a computer, like a hard drive. External storage is storage outside a computer, like a Flash drive.

What does the computer storage devices industry produce?

The computer storage industry manufactures tape, magnetic, and optical storage and retrieval devices for computer systems.

How can one upload a file onto a computer?

Generally, 'uploading' is used for moving a file from one computer to another (often through a storage device) or from a computer to the Internet, while 'downloading' refers to getting a file from the Internet or a network and putting it onto a computer. Uploading is easily accomplished by hooking up a storage device to a computer (like a flash drive or external hard drive), opening the list of files on the drive, and copying or moving files from the drive to the computer.

What are the types of computer storage?

types of storage for a computer are primary & secondary

What is the definition of computer data storage?

The definition of computer storage is a data storage that is often called storage of memory refer to computer components and recordings media that retains digital data used.

What is felt to be the safest ISCSI storage?

ISCSI storage, or Internet small computer system interface, is safe in itself. It can be made even safer with the addition of "initiators" to help boost the output.

What is storage drivers?

A software that's used to allow a computer to interact with the storage, so that the storage appear as device on the computer

What has the author Leigh Webber written?

Leigh Webber has written: 'Legal research on the Internet' -- subject(s): Legal research, Computer network resources, Law, Internet (Computer network), Information storage and retrieval systems

What Is storage media?

what is storage media in computer

Describe the various types of computer memory?

There are a variety of types of computer memory. These include removable drives, network and internet storage, hard drive, as well as ROM/BIOs.

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