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The United States recognizes any legal marriage performed in Another Country.


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As long as it was legally documented it is valid.

In the US, NO!! The couple who have a pending divorce are still legally married. Until the final decree is read in court, neither one can legally re-marry. To do otherwise is bigamy and punishable by US law.

THE ONLY ANSWER IS; yes.simply, matters that you are legally married somewhere, not are fine.

US laws take precedence, therefore if the couple were legally married in the US and legally divorced in the US, then the divorce is valid. If the couple lived together as a couple (engaging in a sexual relationship, sharing mutual finances, etc.) at the time the divorce was pending then the divorce is not valid.

Not legally. If you are married anywhere you are considered married in the US

If you live in the US there is no such thing as common law divorce.

Yes. The US recognizes marriages from other countries.

Marriage is a wonderful event. Yes, if a female US citizen legally marries a non US citizen in the state of Michigan, they are indeed legally married.

not legally, only if you get married.

Of course not! You are only legally allowed to be married to one person at a time, it does not matter where you live or where you got married.

Yes. If you are legally married in the other country, the US considers you legally married here.

In Ohio, you need to apply for a marriage license at the clerk of courts office. The officiant of the ceremony needs to fill out the license and you need to submit it to the clerk of courts for filing. * If the couple were legally married in Las Vegas they are legally married in Ohio. All US states acknowledge the validity of legal marriages and legal divorces from other states.

No, you can only be legally married to one person at a time.

If the marriage is legal in Barbados, the US will recognize the marriage as being legal.

Of course, as long as it was a legal marriage where performed.

Yes, a legal marriage in any country is recognized as a legal marriage in the US. You cannot legally get married in the US if you are already married in another country. What you can do is file the marriage document in the County office. Addendum: It should be noted that, under DOMA, only marriages between one person who is legally female and one who is legally male will be recognized. The rest of us are still waiting for reciprocity.

A friend can not legally marry a couple in any state of the United States including Colorado. To get legally married, you need an ordained minister of a church or a justice of the peace.

If you are legally in the US, you file in the state where you live. You do the same thing as a citizen of the US would do.

No, if you are legally married anywhere in the world then the marriage is considered legal under US law. Any subsequent marriage while still married anywhere would be legally invalid and you could be arrested for bigamy.

If the marriage is legal in the other country, they are married everywhere in the world.

Whether a degree from a particular institution in the US is recognized is really dependent on the receiving institution in Italy.

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