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Yes. Even after the vehicle is sold, you'll still owe them the remaining balance of what you borrowed, and they'll continue to call.

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Q: Is a creditor allowed to continue calling debtor after a vehicle has been repossessed but not sold?
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How can you find out if the collection lawyer represent the original creditor or not?

by calling on his/her phone.

How do you stop a creditor from calling your work?

pretend you're the supervisor and tell creditor that the he/she was let go/laid off weeks ago!

How do you stop creditors from calling you for a relatives debts?

Tell the creditor in a firm voice "DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN". It is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for them to continue to call you. They can be cited for it. Ask to speak to a supervisor.

What is a good sentence using the word creditor?

There is no good sentence using the word creditor, unless that is how you make your living: That creditor keeps calling, no matter how many times I tell them that they have the wrong John Smith.

How long does the bank have to come after you after your car has been repossessed?

Does the bank have your current address and/or phone number? They will be calling on you.

How do you address a creditor from calling someone that is a reference only in the state of Texas?

Have you tried mentioning calling your attorney next time they call? that usually stops them.

What can a creditor do if you are in default on a credit card?

A creditor can turn you over to collections and report you to the credit reporting agencies. Depending on what type of credit card you are talking about, the creditor can also demand return of items purchased on the card (such as an appliance store account). If you are getting harassing phone calls at home or work (yes, they are allowed to call you at work), you can send them a written letter stating that you no longer want them to call you at home or work (sent via registered mail with return receipt). The creditor would then be allowed to call you one more time to verify receipt of your letter. Creditors are also not allowed to call you before 7am or after 9pm. Due to privacy isses, creditors are not allowed to tell your employer or others not listed on the credit account why they are calling.

If you hide your car from repo are you breaking the law Florida?

More than likely you will not be prosecuted for hiding the car. But is this really what you want to do? Do you want to own a vehicle that can be repossessed at any time day or night at any location? Do you want the creditor calling you and trying to recover their property that you are hiding? You signed a contract to pay this loan off. You have defaulted on the contract so do what is right and save some money in the process. Voluntarily return the vehicle to the creditor which will reduce your creditor's expenses in retaking the car, and you will reduce the amount you will owe the creditor. But remember, you will still be responsible for paying any deficiency on your loan, and your creditor may still enter the repossession on your credit report. Sooner or later they will get the vehicle, and the longer it takes them the more it will cost you. They will seek a judgment against you. The judgment is the difference between what you owe on your loan and what your creditor receives when reselling your vehicle. A creditor who has followed the proper procedures for repossession and sale is generally allowed to sue you for a deficiency judgment to collect the loan balance. You should have talked to the creditor before any of this happened and tried to work out a new payment plan. But you did not do that, and now you are making it worse by hiding the car. Think about it.

How many times can a telemarketer call in 1 day?

They should not be calling repeatedly during the day, nor at unreasonable times. If they keep calling in one single day, then it's a form of creditor harassment, you should keep notes of the time of each call and who you spoke to, and complain to the creditor or a professional body.

Is an employer legally allowed to ask an employee why he orshe is calling out sick?

An employer is legally allowed to ask an employee why he or she is calling out sick. In addition, they can ask for evidence on the same including a letter from the doctor.

Can a collection agent continue to call a third party if the third party had already informed him that he has the wrong number and to stop calling?

No. They should stop calling.

Should you pay the company owed instead of collection agency?

This will depend on the creditor. You can try calling them and asking if they are willing to set up a payment arrangement with you.

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