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Well, the driver who hit the other vehicle would still be liable, but it would be a matter for insurance to pursue, not the police, since the 2nd driver left the scene. Certainly, leaving the scene creates a window of doubt with regard to the damage, but it's not really enough to get the at-fault driver off the hook.

2006-08-28 15:04:05
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What is another word for a truck driver?

Vehicle & Transportation Technician Specialist is another word for a truck driver.

If the at fault party in a vehicle accident does not carry insurance in Louisiana can you sue that driver for damages to your vehicle?

Yep. if they did the damage.

Is an underaged driver covered if he is driving a vehicle owned by another person if that person is not in the vehicle?


If an uninsured driver of an insured driver's car has an accident caused by weather and another driver is damage to the insured car covered?

How is the driver uninsured? If he had permission from the insured vehicle owner to drive? There are policy exclusion that apply but most generally that person is considered as an insured driver. I will assume (for the purpose of answering your question) by uninsured driver you mean they have no policy of their own. Are you asking if weather conditons contributed to the accident (say wet/slick road) and they slid into another vehicle is the insurance on the car responsible for the damage to the vehicle they slid into? Yes, probably. Insurance stays with the car. If you could provide more detailed information regarding the driver, and facts of loss, I could be of more assistance to you.

If a vehicle parked along a curb on private property is hit by another driver who is at fault?

The driver that hit the parked vehicle would be at fault.

I would like to find out how to get a loan to open a restaraunt in Yukon. I am a woman and have heard there are special offers for women and minorities.?

automible collision coverage covers damage to a vehicle that is caused by the driver (i.e., not caused by another driver).

If a co owns a veh and is self insured and then hires a driver for that vehicle from another co and the driver has an accident on the vehicle owners property which co would be responsible for damage?

A company owns a truck that is used to move semi-trailers and this company is self insured has leased a driver from another company and the driver has an accident on the truck owners property that involves only the truck who would be responsible for the damages. The company who owns the truck and their insurance or the company who leased the driver ?

Is the owner of a vehicle held liable if he allows an unlicensed driver to drive his vehicle and has an accident that kills another driver?

Yes he is do the crime pay the consequences

Does uninsured motorist coverage cover an uninsured driver of the car in a single car accident?

No. Uninsured motorist coverage protects the owner of the vehicle which is damaged due to the actions of an uninsured driver of another vehicle (or damage caused by a hit-and-run driver). I think what you are asking is known as a 'permissive' driver - someone who was driving another person's vehicle with the owner's permission, but who is not actually named on the policy. The answer to this is 'probably' depending on the insurance company and the provisions of the policy itself, but if provided for would cover them like they were a named insured on the policy.

Who is at fault if something falls out of a vehicle and it is hit by the driver behind causing damage?

the driver behind is not at fault as the in front should be liable as he was negligent

If you have liability insurance on one vehicle are you insured if you drive another vehicle?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy if you have an accident in that other vehicle. However, if you have insurance on your vehicle, and you lend it to a driver (from another household) who does not have his or her own insurance, they will be covered by your policy while they are driving your car.

What is the definition of the term leases?

The definition of lease is to cover the property, services or land for a certain period of time, to another person. A lease on a vehicle, for example, can last 1-5 years, at which time the driver does not own the vehicle, but the company provides services for it, and at the end of the lease the vehicle is returned to the company.

When a driver is towing a vehicle and following another vehicle being towed or a three-axle truck how many feet must the driver stay at least behind that vehicle?

300 feet

When the driver of another vehicle about to pass your vehicle what should you do?

You must not accelerate, and if safe to do so, slow down a little.

When passing another vehicle the driver must be traveling at what speed?

the safe and legal passing of another vehicle requires that drive

At how many feet can a driver pass another vehicle in a tunnel?

100 ft

If someone borrows your car and total loss it will the insurance company pay for damages?

Yes. Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle, minus the deductible, regardless of who is driving it. Also, if you loan your vehicle to someone they are considered a permissive driver and you are liable for damage they cause in your vehicle even if they have their own insurance. Insurance always applies to the car not the driver.

If an uninsured driver of an insured driver's car has an accident caused by another driver what will happen to the uninsured drivers license?

If the uninsured driver had the permission of the insured driver to operate the vehicle then NOTHING will happen to the uninsured driver. In fact, in this case he or she is not an uninsured driver at all. The insurance follows the vehicle first, the driver second.

If an uninsured driver in Massachusetts hits a car in front of him and that car hits other cars in front of him is the uninsured driver responsible for the damage of all the cars in the accident?

An exact answer for this question is not possible without a lot more information, but I will try to give a partial answer in order to get this answer started. The actual and final answer will depend on Massachusetts LAW, AND investigative revelation of the true circumstances of the incident. Many years ago I was an auto insurance adjuster in Washington state, and have lived in Texas over 50 years. Based on my experiences, and related knowledge, the answer depends on who hit who when, and in what order. I will present some different situations which would result in different drivers being libel for damages to others. 1.)IF vehicle "A," which was "rear-ended" by the uninsured vehicle ["B"], was "knocked into" the vehicle ["C"] in front of "A," THEN vehicle "A" SHOULD NOT be libel for damage to vehicle "C." The driver of vehicle "B" SHOULD be found at fault for damage to both vehicles "A" and "C". 2.) However, IF vehicle "A" rear-ended vehicle "C," before being rear-ended by vehicle "B," THEN vehicle "A's" driver is responsible for damage to vehicle "C." 3.)However, assigning responsibility for damage really gets tough IF the investigation reveals that AFTER vehicle "A" rear-ended vehicle "C," vehicle "B" then rear-ended the vehicle "A"/vehicle "B" "stack." Theoretically, vehicle "A's" driver is only responsible to vehicle "C" for damage which vehicle "A" caused. And the driver of vehicle "B" SHOULD BE responsible for the damage caused to vehicle "A," and THE PORTION of additional damage to vehicle "C" which was actually caused by vehicle "B" "piling into" vehicles "B" AND "C." Whew!!!!! If this confuses you, don't feel like you are alone. That's why we have armies of investigators, insurance companies, attorneys, juries, and judges. Although I couldn't give you a more definitive answer, I hope this provides some understanding of the scale of the problem, and it's resolution.

What is the benefit of a space cushion around your vehicle?

if another driver makes a mistake... etc

Whose insurance should pay if you get in an accident in your friend's car and damage is done to the car?

Insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver.

What is the percent if the damage on the vehicle is in the middle on the driver's side?

Left hand drive, so the driver side is the left side.

What does the term 'insurance collision' mean?

Insurance collision is a form of automobile insurance that covers physical damage. In most situations the insurer pays for the insured injuries, damage to the vehicle of the insured, and if the insured is at fault it pays for the damage to the other vehicle, and the other driver.

The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do?

Nothing, if she as at fault she is responsible to the damages of her car.

What does PLPD car insurance cover you for?

PLPD is public liability and property damage. Property damage provides insurance cover against damage caused by you to the other person's vehicle or building, etc. Public liability insurance covers the occupants of both your and the other vehicle usually to a maximum of $250,000. Note that PL&PD does not cover your vehicle nor you as the driver.