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No, the fennec fox is not endangered.

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Is the fennec fox an endangered species?

No the fennec fox is listed as "Least Concern." It is not endangered.

What is the national animal of Algeria?

The Fennec Fox is the national animal of Algeria.The Fennec Fox is the national animal of Algeria.

What is done to help fennec foxes not be endangered?

The fennec fox is in no danger of becoming extinct.

Why are the fennec fox endangered?

They are not currently in danger of extinction.

How are fennec foxes getting endangered?

No, the fennec fox is in no danger of extinction. It is quite common in its range.

Is the fennec fox a domestic animal?

No, it is not a domesticated animal.

Is a fennec fox a cold or warm blooded animal?

A fennec fox is warm blooded as are all mammals.

Is the fennec fox a wild animal?

Yes, fennec foxes are wild animals.

Why is the fennec fox endangered?

Fennecs are not endangered. They are quite plentiful in their range.

What type of animal is a fennec?

It is a species of fox.

Why is the fennec fox is endangered?

there not endangered anymore, now there just threatened. but there threatened because native saharians hunted them for fur

What animal represents Algeria?

Animal which represents Algeria is fennec fox.

Does Algeria have a national animal?

Algeria's national animal is the fennec fox

What is the niche of the fennec fox?

as a nocternal animal, it hunts

Is the fennec fox species threatened or endangered?

No it is not. the Pet Trade brought it back.

Is the fennec fox endangered?

No, they are currently a "Least Concern" on the IUCN Red List.

Are fennec foxes endangered?

No, fennec foxes are not endangered.

Why are the fennec foxs endangered?

Fennec foxes are not endangered.

Is a fennec fox an herbivore?

No, the fennec fox is an omnivore.

Where does the fennec fox live?

The fennec lives in the northern parts of Africa.Dens and burrowsThe Fennec Fox lives in places such as the Sahara Desert, Arabian areas, etc. You may also be wondering why the Fennec Fox has such a thick coat, for an animal that lives in the desert. Desert nights are extremely cold, and the Fennec Fox is mostly nocturnal.

What animal is eevee?

eevee is based on a fennec or a bat eared fox

What is the population of the fennec fox?

The population of the Fennec Fox is unknown

Is the fennec fox extinct?

No, the fennec fox is in no danger of extinction.

When was Fennec fox created?

Fennec fox was created in 1780.

Is the fennec fox a mammal?

Yes, the fennec fox is a mammal.

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