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Yes. From my correspondance with IDOT: "In Iowa the law states that you have to have a rear and front plate."

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Is there an exception to the front license plate law in Iowa for vintage cars?

There isn't an exception to the front license plate law in Iowa. Regardless of the car type, the car must have a front license plate.

Can you put a tinted cover on a license plate in Iowa?

It is illegal to have any kind of cover on license plate in Virgina.

Do you have to have a drivers license to drive a 49cc scooter in Florida?

If you live in Cuba, a Florida license will not be required to operate a scooter in Iowa. You must have an Iowa license.

Do you need 2 license plates in Iowa?

Yes.. In Iowa you are required to have 2 plates. One on the front bumper and one on the rear bumper. They say that it is for better identification and for police/law enforcement as well.

Can you get married in Mexico with a Iowa marriage license?

No, an Iowa marriage license is only valid in Iowa. You need a license valid in the location where the marriage is to take place.

What is the Iowa law on speeding tickets in Iowa and suspending your license?

You get 3 tickets (in any state) they yank your license

Can a person who has a suspended license in Iowa move to Oklahoma and get a license there?

Not, you can't, until your suspension period is up in Iowa.

If your Texas drivers license is suspended can you get a Iowa drivers license?


Where can you obtain a civil union license in Iowa?

You cannot. Iowa does not issue civil union licenses. A same-sex couple (or an opposite-sex couple) can get a legal marriage license in Iowa.

Can i get a driver's license in Tennessee even though i have a suspended license in Iowa?

You have to get your situation sorted out with the state of Iowa before you could get one in Tennessee.

What states can you get drivers license if your drivers license is suspended in Iowa?

Short answer, none.

Is it legal to have a tinted license plate cover in Iowa?

Probably NO. Anything that obscures the plate from being easily readable would be against the law. In some jurisdictions the charge is worded "Obscured Tag." Iowa Code Section 321.37(3) states that "It is unlawful for the owner of a vehicle to place any frame around or over the registration plate which does not permit full view of all numerals and letters print on the registration plate."

Can a felon in Iowa get a drivers license?


Can you get a license in Arizona if you are barred from driving in Iowa?


Does getting a marriage license mean you are married in Iowa?

No. Getting married means you are married in Iowa.

Is a vertical mount license plate legal in Iowa?

no. laws regarding trailers though may vary, you will need to check those out by municipality. what about on a motorcycle, the state trooper said it was illegal ??

What do you have to do in Iowa to be able to legally hunt?

You have to get your hunting license.

Can you drive out of state with an Iowa drivers license?


What county in Iowa has license plates beginning with mni?

I'm not sure you can find the county with those letters. There are only 6 counties starting with M... * Madison * Mahaska * Marion * Marshall * Mills * Muscatine The county name should be on the bottom of the plate. Here is a history of Iowa license plates since 1969:

Do you need a license to own a pygmy marmoset in Iowa?

as of now... no

How long do you have Iowa temporary drivers license for?

60 days

Are you required to present identification when voting in an election in Iowa?

No. No identification is requested at the polls for Iowa voters.

Is a 49cc mini bike street legal in Iowa?

most likely it's not. anything in Iowa has to have a plate on it to be street legal.

Can you get an Iowa cdl license if you live in Illinois?

Your driver's license, whatever type, is issued by the state of your legal residence.

Can a person who has a suspended drivers license in Iowa move to Wisconsin and get a drivers license there?

Not until the suspension period is over.