Is a gas leak harmful?

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yes , it is very deadly to you and the people around you.

ANSWER:Yes and no. If you inhale the gas for a long period of time it can make you become lacksidasical. or sleepy and you can die from the methane which replaces the oxygen in your blood stream. It is also very explosive and people have been burned or have died from that . If you have a gas leak in your area, I doubt that would harm you to any degree. If you have a gas leak in your house, contact the gas company and they will fix it fast.
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What types of gases does a gas leak detector detect?

The types of gases a gas leak detector detects is the not the regular kind. It detects some poisonous gases and gases harmful to your lungs or you in general.

Will gas leak inside a Honda civic if there is a gas leak?

yes they did have a gas leak

Is it harmful to use no leak oil and add oil treatment?

Yes, it can be harmful. Use no oil treatment or stop leak at all.

Is the gas inside tennis balls harmful?

No, the gas is not harmful.

How do you know if ihave a gas leak?

Do a tightness test on your gas meter and the presure will drop if you have a leak.

What should you do if you are exposed to natural gas?

Small amounts of natural gas are not harmful. However if you have a gas leak, turn off the gas at the mains, turn off the electricity, do not light any fires, open all the windows and go out and call the emergency service company.

Is a gas leak covered by homeowner's insurance?

No, unless the gas leak caused your house to blow up.

Can antifreeze leak be harmful?

Yes, most types are poisonious.

Is there a good way for a homeowner to look for a gas leak or do I need a professional for natural gas leak detection?

It is always go for a professional for natural gas leak detection. They have lot of equipments to detect the leak. Homeowners do not attempt to do these things as it might harm them.

Is oil leak in jaipur example of gas tragedy?

No the oil leak in Jaipur is not a gas tragedy. No gas got spilled, so it cannot be termed as gas tragedy.

Can you have an electricity leak?

NObecause electricity can not be seen and doesn't fill the air like gas so therefore you cannot have an electricity leak although you can have a gas leak this is where gas leaks out a pipe that should be on your wall

How are micro organisms harmful to people?

No,this is not harmful gas

Is gas harmful?

gas is harmful because it can scar you for life and possibly sufficate you if you breathe in a lot of it.

Gas odor smell with the heater is turn on?

There must be a gas leak. Contact your gas supplier IMMEDIATELY, if the smell is in a house. If it is in a car, have your mechanic check for a leak.

Why would the inside of your car smell of gas?

if you have a gas leak.

Why does your car smell like gas on the exterior?

You have a gas leak.

How can cause a gas oven be harmful to a home?

If a leak occurs, or if the gas is left on without a flame going, natural gas can fill a home, which can potentially lead to an explosion and fire. Any cooking apparatus, whether it uses gas, propane, or electricity, carries some risk of starting a fire.

Your Dodge Intrepid 2001 has a gas leak?

Find the leak, and fix the cause.

Is there such thing as a Natural gas leak detector?

Yes there are several forms of natural gas leak detectors. # natural gas is an oderless gas, but if it is coming from a supplier of nat. gas an oderant is added for safety, it smells like rotten eggs! so you can use your nose. # there are liguid leak detectors that when sprayed on the fittings & pipes that carry the gas will bubble to aid in locating the leak. # there are electronic leak detectors for nat. gas they range in price from $100.00 to $500.00 * you can call a heating & air conditioning contractor that will find the leak for you then repair it as well, if you like you can ask the service tech. to show you the leak using the liquid detector that way you will know there is a leak and not just him making the electronic detector "sing".

Why is natural gas dangerous?

It can leak

What should a person do when they have found a natural gas leak?

When a person encounters a natural gas leak they should open the windows and isolate the concern if the leak is faint, but if the odor is strong then you must leave quickly get yourself away from the leak and call the utility company or 911. Calling the utility will also help with a faint gas leak.

What word starts with a letter R and describes a gas leak?

The smell from a gas leak reeks. The adjective begins with the letter r.

Your 6.2 liter diesel has a gas leak near the injector the gas is dripping from by the throttle lever where could that leak be coming from and how do you fix it?

Diesels don't use "GAS"!!!!

Why does my car smell like gas Undefined?

It has a fuel system leak, can be fuel line, etc.( liquid leak) or (fuses) faulty gas cap/fuel emission system leak.

What is the gas when found in the stratosphere protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays but when found closer to earth in the troposphere can be harmful?

O3 is the gas mentioned above. It is the gas which protects us from harmful UVB rays in the Stratosphere. But when found closer can be harmful.