Is a gas leak harmful

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yes , it is very deadly to you and the people around you.

ANSWER:Yes and no. If you inhale the gas for a long period of time it can make you become lacksidasical. or sleepy and you can die from the methane which replaces the oxygen in your blood stream. It is also very explosive and people have been burned or have died from that . If you have a gas leak in your area, I doubt that would harm you to any degree. If you have a gas leak in your house, contact the gas company and they will fix it fast.
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Q: Is a gas leak harmful
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What should you do if there is a gas leak in your home?

leave the house as it could be a harmful gs which could knock you unconcious.carbon monoxide is and example of a harmful in an expert to fix the leak before re-entering the house.

What types of gases does a gas leak detector detect?

The types of gases a gas leak detector detects is the not the regular kind. It detects some poisonous gases and gases harmful to your lungs or you in general.

Will gas leak inside a Honda civic if there is a gas leak?

yes they did have a gas leak

Can you have electricity leak like a gas leak?

not like a gas leak but yes

Is it harmful to use no leak oil and add oil treatment?

Yes, it can be harmful. Use no oil treatment or stop leak at all.

Is the gas inside tennis balls harmful?

No, the gas is not harmful.

How do you know if ihave a gas leak?

Do a tightness test on your gas meter and the presure will drop if you have a leak.

Can antifreeze leak be harmful?

Yes, most types are poisonious.

What do paints and cleaners contain that can leak into the soil?

harmful chemicals

Is a gas leak covered by homeowner's insurance?

No, unless the gas leak caused your house to blow up.

What should you do if you are exposed to natural gas?

Small amounts of natural gas are not harmful. However if you have a gas leak, turn off the gas at the mains, turn off the electricity, do not light any fires, open all the windows and go out and call the emergency service company.

How are micro organisms harmful to people?

No,this is not harmful gas

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