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Yes, of course. Many students and/or their families do. It is an achievement, and should be recognized.

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Q: Is a gift expected for a college graduation announcement?
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If you are sent a graduation announcement must you send a gift?

No, graduation presents are optional. You do not have to send one.

What is a great college graduation gift?

Kids who graduate from college may appreciate gift cards so they can buy things they may need. Gift cards make great gifts and they are available from many different retailers.

What is appropriate for a college graduation gift from a parent?

anything like, and in between the price range of, a watch and a car

When does a parent give a graduation gift the day of graduation or at the graduation party?

at the graduation

What is a customary monetary gift amount for college graduation?

What a selfish and foolish question. They already received it most likely!

Do you need to get your parents a gift for your college graduation?

No, you do not have to get them a gift, however it would be nice to show your appreciation for their support through the years in some way. Personally, I think it's a great idea! Good for you! Proud of you!!

Should I give a graduation gift to coworker's child I've never met?

See great thread on

When are graduation cards appropriate?

Graduation cards are not a must but a thought provoking gift. It is not necessary to buy all of them a gift, but buying each one shows that they were in your thoughts.

Is a gift required upon announcement of engagement If yes what kind of gift would be apprepriate?

Required, no. A gift is never required for any occasion.

What do you bring to a graduation party?

A camera, a gift, and a smile.

What are some graduation gifts for a girl beginning with the letter O?

An Olive Garden gift card is a possible graduation gift. You also could give her OPI nail polish.

What is an appropriate vet school graduation gift?

an injection certifacate