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Yes, I would say she's interested and is probably waiting for a picture from you. Be warned! Seldom do these email romances stay strong and survive. Time for you to get away from the computer and start meeting real people in real places out in the world. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-09-19 06:42:39
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Q: Is a girl interested in you if she tries to get your attention and sends you pictures on email?
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Who sends email spam?

Bots created by people send email spam.

When you receive email to home computer it has a different address?

The email that someone else sends you will say the persons e-mail who sends it to you

What does registering email in combat arms game do?

Sends you a verification email

How do you receive an email?

First, you have to have an email. And if someone sends you a message, you will receive it.

How do you get rid of from pictures that prettywoman sends for you?

delete them!

What does a router does in a LAN OR WAN environment?

It decides where data should go on a network. Imagine a company's network. One user sends an email to someone else. Their computer sends the email to the router, which then sends it out to the mail server. The mail server then sends out a message to the other user's computer telling them that they have received an email. The router picks this up and sends it in the correct direction.

What sends pictures to space?

My f*ckin penis

My crush sends me pictures of him and says what do you think then says that it wasn't meant for me what does that mean?

If your crush sends you pictures of him and says what do you think then says that it wasn't meant for you, it mean that he is thinking about you and he wants you.

How do you know if a boy fancys you?

when a boy sends you a email

Who had the first message through email?

the router sends the message to the recipient's email server first

What is smiggle Email?

its wen smiggle sends u a monthly email with all the new stuff it has

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you just have to go to your email and click on the link. myspace sends you an email almost immediately

Why do you get spam mail?

You receive spam email because it's an easy way for people to try to advertise. The idea is that if a company sends email to as many people as possible, at least a few will be interested in their product or service. Sometimes you are more susceptible to receiving spam if your filters do not block it or if you post your email address in public forums.

What is a scam in which a perpetrator sends an official looking email?


Can a under age girl get in trouble if a guy over eighteen sends her pictures?

it depends on what kinds of pictures they send her

What happens if you click on reply to all in an email instead of reply?

Well, let's use an example. A co-worker sends a mass email message to everyone in the whole workplace. If you click "reply all", you'd send an email to everyone that original email was sent to. If you just click reply, it only sends it to the person who sent the mass email out.

When trying to send a email what does cc mean?

carbon copy, it sends the exact email you send to the actual recipient. bcc, sends the exact email to the person you specify but doesn't let the actual recipient know you have sent it to the bcc(blind carbon copy) person.

When someone sends you an email with a classified attactment on you unclassified system?


Where is Gryth on monster galaxy on facebook?

you get gryph from a email the game sends you

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it sends out pictures and words for you to see.

What is billybob's Email? that's his friends email. If you email him then he sends it to billybob. you should email him and if you ask "Can you make me a moderator" he will. It doesn't work every time but if you try it may work.

How can your email contain viruses?

When an email virus first sends itself out, opening the attachment in the email makes the virus send itself out to your address book and damage your computer.

What is a spam bot?

A spambot is a bot that automatically sends junk (or spam) email.

What type of malware types sends out email from a clients address book?


When a computer device is in need of immediate attention it sends the OS?

An interrupt request, or IRQ