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Oddly, I was in that situation and still a little am. I was considered the girl who had the guy friend and we used to see each other EVERY day and talked on the phone for no less than an hour a day. We dated for about a year, broke up, and remained best friends for years afterwards. We both moved away and have our separate lives, but still are the best of friends; however, the guy's new girlfriend despises me because of what her boyfriend and I used to have and also over the fact that we are still friends. She subtly tells him to cut me out from his life and it puts too much pressure and emotional turmoil in our friendship. She's coming off as a jerk who can't handle sharing her boyfriend with other girls (she's basically asking him to drop ALL friends who are girls). From my perspective and what I have been through, I would say to control your jealousy and don't put TOO much pressure on her because she might probably just see him as a good friend. I might suggest she don't see him so much and to cut down on phone time, but don't have her cut him out completely because that would make you somewhat of a jerk. If she's saying she won't talk to him anymore, it would depend on how long she has known him. If it's only a few months, then that would be possible. However, if it's a year to a few years, then her saying that isn't possible. All I can say is that you trust her.

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Q: Is a girl lying if she has a guy friend and they used to have a thing for each other but you're jealous because she sees him every day and they talk on the phone a lot but she said she won't anymore?
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