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it depends what your perseptions are if you like guy then guys are more attractive and if you like girls then grls are more attractive.

but girls are more pritty

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Who is innocent either boy or girl?

boy is more innocent because girls are more attractive

Howcome I find boys attractive and i am a boy?

It means that you are gay and you like a boy more then a friend so yea but you should look at girls not guys and your a boy not a girl so get a life and a girl

Why in anime's when ever a girl is hot the boy beeds from the nose?

It means that the boy thinks the girl is attractive.

Who is a girlfriend?

depends on your prospective if your a boy a girl attractive a girl a great friend hope this helped :>

Do guys find girl drummers attractive?

yes A guy might find a girl drummer as attractive as any other girl. The fact that she is a drummer would not make her more attractive, except that it would suggest that she might be vivacious, and that might make her more attractive to some guys.

Is Camp Rock a boy and a girl movie?

Boy and girl. But more girl than boy.

Who is more important boy or girl?

Both a boy and a girl

Do you eat more when your having a boy then a girl?

There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that you will eat more when you are having a boy then a girl as opposed to having a girl and then a boy.

What are the signs that a girl finds a guy attractive?

The signs of when a girl finds a boy attractive is when the girl looks at you often, when she laughs at everything at you say, when she tries to get your attention by walking past you or laughing, and when she constantly talk to you but with a nervous tone.

How do you use attractive girl in a sentence?

she is an attractive girl.

How does a fat girl ask an attractive boy out?

just do it how u would ask out any other boy. theres no harm in trying.

Is it weird for a black girl to go out with a white boy?

no everybody say that opposites are evry attractive.

What do you do when your bf works with a girl that he thinks is attractive?

flert with him more

What color should a girl wear to attract boys?

Well the color you would want to wear is red because it makes a girl/woman significantly more attractive and desirable in a boy/mens eyes.

What does it mean when a boy gives a girl some flowers?

When a boy gives a girl some flowers, it can mean many different things. He could be trying to be polite and a gentlemen by bringing you the flowers. He could also like you more than a friend and finds you attractive.

What is more important a boy or girl?

a girl

Why do I find girls belly more attractive-?

Everyone in the world is different in what they find attractive on a girl. That is just what you like.

What does it mean if there are people around and the boys only looking at you?

If you are a girl, you are very attractive. But if you are a boy, this means you!

Can a 6th grade boy get a 7th grade girl?

It is defiantly possible if she finds you attractive. Good luck :)

Are there more girl or boy swimsuits?

Probably more girl suits.

In china who is more favoured boy or girl?


Girls do you find guys who volunteer more attractive less attractive or no difference Do you find a bad boy who volunteers to be moreless or no different?

No difference at all really, I guess that's good that he volunteers but it doesn't really make him more attractive, and a bad boy that volunteers just sounds wierd so that doesn't really make him any more attractive either.

How can you look more attractive to girls?

Girls Look For a decent personality in a boy. someone who doesn't change around therer friends. but the best thing a girl looks for is a boy who respects he for who she is. and doesn't use her for her body or looks.

Is there a specific name when a bunch of guys like a girl?

not that i know of, the girl must be quite attractive, theres a name if a boy goes from one girl to another tho!

Is a Boy or girl more active in the womb?


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