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Is a gram customary or metric?


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It is metric not customary because the usa doesnt use it


Doesn't it? Oh yes it is. Almost all of the rest of world does, I'll have you know!

And so do American engineers and scientists, especially when engaged in international projects.


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A "gran" is a German measurement, it is neither customary or metric. A "gram" is a metric unit.

It can be more or less. An once (customary) is bigger than a gram (metric) but a pound (customary) is smaller than a kilogram (metric).

is mile metric or customary?

The opposing systems are imperial and metric, not customary. But, meters are metric.

Neither. It is customary.

Height is a physical characteristic and so is neither customary or metric.

Pounds are a customary unit. The metric unit is grams.

A milligram is metric.

It is not a metric unit.

customary is pounds and metric is Newtons; 1 newton = 0.22 pounds

car reads American miles by the tenth

Ounces are an imperial unit. They are a bit confusing as they can be a volume unit or a mass unit. The metric equivalent would be gram or millilitre. About 30 gram = 1 oz About 30 mL = 1 fluid oz

It is a metric measure of weight which amounts to 1,000 grams. I think by customary you mean imperial

In many European countries the metric system IS the customary system!

A gallon is a customary or imperial unit of measure. Metric is liters and so on.

I'm guessing by customary, you mean imperial. if so inches are customary/imperial

The 'liter' is a unit of volume in the system that is customary in 90 percent of the countries in the world,namely the metric system.

Yard is an Imperial measurement, not a metric one.

The gram is a metric unit of mass.

Yes, a gram is a metric measurement.

It is Metric. good luck on the TAKS test, everybody!

No, a mile is not a metric unit. A mile is a customary unit.

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