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This is a real hard one to figure out and it would talk at least me to see his body language towards you. It's possible he only thinks of you as a friend. I had a great male friend when I was single and we played jokes on each other and hugged, but that's as far as it went. If he was interested in you (and hopefully he's single and doesn't have a girlfriend or wife) then he should be asking you out. If he's single, then why don't you ask him over for dinner? Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-06 18:56:41
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Q: Is a guy interested in you or does he just see you as a friend if you work with him and he goes on break with you and is always around you and playing with your hair and giving you hugs?
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Why do girls always think of me as just a friend?

If gurls think of you as a friend and a friend only then your not their type or they aren't interested.

How do you know that a guy is interested?

if he looks at you alot, doesnt talk to you that much, around his friend acts like ur just a friend

Is it good talking to your boyfriends friend and then you come to know that your boyfriend's friend is interested in you?

well first off it is always flattering to have someone like you? But for it to be your boyfriends friend that can cause problems for you. If you really wanna be with your boyfriend you really should only hang around his friend in a comfortable setting and you should let your boyfriend no about what you have discovered.

How can you tell if a girl that's my friend is lesbian and likes me?

If she is always talks about how great you arewhen you are not around and always seems to be interested in conversation when the topic is about you.that or if they ask you out or is like RACHEL DANIELLE WALLS .... lesbians, look her up on facebook, she single and ready to minge!

What does it mean if a guy in your class always stares at you and smiles and when you turn around to talk to your friend you catch him staring at you?

It sounds like he finds you attractive and is interested in him. If you like him, smile back and see where it goes from there.

What does it mean when a guy says he will always be in your life but doesnt want a relationship?

He wants to be your friend, but is not interested in being your lover.

If he's not interested why does he add me as a friend on Facebook and messenger?

Maybe he's interested in you as a "friend" only.

This girl always likes to put her hand around my waist why?

If a girl likes to put her hand around your waist, she either likes you as a friend or she is interested in you as possible boyfriend material. If she does this with a lot of people, it could just be a habit she's developed.

How do you know when a 12 year old girl likes you?

Usually girls will flirt if they like you, like twirling their hair always laughing or when they really like to be around you. You have to be careful to notice of she is interested in you as a friend or if you think she wants to take it further. I say you should ask her out if you think she's interested

How do deal with a best friend who always blows you off and lies and is always boring and negative but only around you?

Replace them. They may be your best friend, but you are obviously not important to them.

If you like this boy but he says that your best friend and him go out what do you do?

Just act normally but still be friends with him because if you go all quiet around him, then he not be interested in you. Be chatty and always happy and he might like you more than your best friend. And maybe other boys will like you aswell.

Your shy friend stares and smiles at you all the time and is always making you laugh does he like you?

Chances are he is interested in you and also values your friendship.

Why is Selena Gomez always around Moises Arias in the Disney channel games?

she is always around him because she friends with him. wouldn't you go around your friend, especially if he is hot?

Chalio Enriques is GAY?

If by "gay" you are wondering if your friend is happy, I hope he is. It is always wonderful when you care about your friends happiness. Your friend maybe interested in same sex dating. the only way to find that out is to ask your friend personaly.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a friend?

that your her friend and that she is not romantically interested in you

What does it mean if the boy u like always is near u like whenever u turn around he's always there and then you say his name and he's usually there while your talking to ur best friend about him?

I think it`s because he wants to know if your intrested in him because he is interested in you.

Is Christine A real friend?

Is Christine always there for you? Does she act the same when she is around you as when she is not around you? Is she honest? Does she like you for your personality, not what things you have or give her? If yes, then she is a real, good friend.

How do you know when your boyfriend likes your friend?

If he talks about her regularly. Also if he is always around her.

What does it mean if your best guy friend is always touching you?

If it is playful touching like a nudge in the arm or a hi-five, it could be a signal that he is interested in you.

How do you know if boys like you as a friend?

if a boy likes you as a friend he wont always want to hang around you or be with you all the time

How do you know if the guy you like likes your friend?

you will know that he likes your friend because he will always bring her up and he will want to be around her.

If you have a guy friend that is always feeling your hair and saying its great like Justin bieber and has drawn on your hand and always smiles at you does that mean he is gay and how can you find out?

Ask him. If he is your friend, it shouldn't matter if he is. If you are not, tell him so, that you are not interested in him in that way, only as a friend. He may be disappointed , but shouldn't have a problem leaving it at friendship only.

My neighbor told his friend to tell me that he likes me so does my neighbor really like me?

Chances are if he had a message given to you then he is interested - try talking with him and getting to know him better, waiting around and playing games won't help you find out you have to talk to him directly.

What do you do when your gay friend has a crush on you?

Just tell him/her you're not interested and if you are, tell him/her. If you just want to be friends (and nothing more) tell him/her that. Always support them in their choices...don't ignor it because you may loose that friend.

What if your girlfriend's best friend always kisses you on the cheek when she visits one day she greets you with a kiss on the lips does it mean she's interested?

Of course it does! And then you have to decide between your girlfriend or your girlfriend's best friend to be your lover.