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If it's a one time occurrence, it's not a big deal. If he makes plans with you or tells you he's going to call you again, and doesn't follow through a second time, drop him. oh yes It depends on the fact if you have a relationship or not. If you're dating even off and on he probably is lying or, if you don't have a relationship then this guy may just be nervous and he could have called you. How do you know he didn't. Just because many people have a tumor hanging off their ear called a "cell phone" doesn't mean he called you on your cell. If he called you at home and you were out you may not have gotten the message. Only you know what is going on. If you've dated this guy, he promised to phone and didn't, then he's lying and he's not worth losing your energy over. Marcy

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Q: Is a guy playing games with you if he said he called you but he didn't and said he's been thinking about you all day?
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