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Most of the time yes. If he trys to act confident or something its certian he likes you. I know because im a boy and I have a crush on a girl but I cant gather up the confidence to say I like her.

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Do guys like a shy girl?

Well it depends o the kind of guy. If the guy is very outgoing and bold then he wants a girl that can match his personality. If it is a shy guy then yes he would most likely like a shy girl.

What type of guy like shy and quiet girl?

There are many guys who like a girl who is shy and quite. Typically, they are shy and quiet themselves.

How does a shy girl get a guy to like her if he has a girlfriend?

dont be shy and lick his nipple

What does a guy like in a girl?

A guy always likes a girl that isn't shy with him and is funny. they like it when your personalities are kind of the same.

Is a guy more afraid to talk to the girl they like or is a girl more afraid to talk to the guy they like?

The girl is usually more shy.

Do girls like boys who are shy?

Depends on the personality of the girl... if the girl is outgoing she will most likely go for a guy who is more outgoing also,,,,, but if she wants to be the more dominate person in the relationship she will go for a shy guy. If the girl is shy the guy will most likely have to ask her out so the guy will have to handle that one!

What is the secret of shy girls and what kind of guys do they like?

A shy girl usually likes either a shy guy, or a fun guy who can bring her out of her shell. The best you could do is act yourself, because a shy girl observes, she will notice if you're faking.

When you like a guy should the girl make the first move if the guy is too shy to do so?

yes she should make the first move is he is shy

Is a guy friend shy around a friend that is a girl?

it depends does he like her if he does yeah if not no

How can a shy girl flirt with a guy?

You are a pretty girl, don't be shy ! Catch the guy at once before other girls do it.

You are a very shy girl when it comes to guys and you really like this guy but he is shy too and you not sure if he likes you cause he doesnt talk to me?

i will not like that guy anymore as i don't really like shy guy if you really like that guy make sure that he dotes on you very much try to tell him that you like him cause some guys are like that shy shy de if you do the first move,he might be abit more brave hope you have a good time with that guy

Does the shy girl get the guy?

it depends on what that guy likes.

How does a shy guy get a girl who he barely knows to like him?

The guy should try to be nice to the girl. Say hi, try to tallk. maybe the girl will like him if he trys, but is himself, too.

What does it mean when a guy ask you for hug?

They are either teasing you or crushing on you. If he looked kind of shy, he is crushing on you. If you saw a bunch of his buds in the background staring at him, then its a fake.

What to do when you're a shy guy who likes a shy girl?

Well the guy shuld try to talk to her

Would a shy girl offer a guy something that she was initially going to eat if she likes him?

yess, well if you were really shy girl and gave a guy something that you wanted either your really nice or you like him.

Can a guy be more shy than agirl?

of course! it all depends on who the girl or the guy is a guy can be less shy than a girl or it can be the other way around!

Why does the guy don't want to say to girl that she like her?

coz hes shy obviously

How do you when a guy is nervous to talk to a girl they like?

They stutter a lot I think or probs shy?

How can a shy guy attract the girl he likes?

Say hi and be not shy

How long do shy girls like a guy?

I'm a shy girl. I usually stop liking a guy if he doesn't show signs of liking me back within a week.

Can a confident outgoing guy act shy around a shy quiet girl he likes?

Yes he because if he truly like her than he can.

What does it mean when a guy smiles at a girl when she isn't looking?

It means they like them but are to shy to say anything

Why would a shy girl look down when a guy is staring at her?

The guy is probably making her uncomfortable, staring at her like that. Staring is rude.

How can a shy guy flirt with a girl?

take xanax