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EVERYONE gets anxious at times because we are living in a fast-paced demanding society especially in the Western countries. Some people will bite their nails, play with their hair or even pull their hair out a little at a time. Some will feel the odd panic attack, or have digestive problems and even some people get the feeling they can't swallow properly and have difficulty eating or taking medication in the form of pills. It can also come in the form of Anorexia or Bulemia. Insomnia is another sign of stress. Medications for anxiety can often leave the person with "dry mouth" that fuzzy feeling in the back of their throat or feeling like there is a lump in their throat and even may gag on occasion while eating (the larynx is lazy and built similar to a slinky toy, it's not pushing the food down properly.) If someone is under stress they could get dry mouth, their tongue could be coated from too much acid in their system, giving that "furry feeling" (from worrying) suffer heartburn, stomach disorders or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (there really is no such thing as IBS, but the doctors have to call it something.) People can have problems with their colon, or even have "racing heart" or "skipped heart beats". It's best to see a doctor and get a diagnosis. Usually it's due to stress. Exercise is excellent for reducing stress such as Yoga, Tai Chi or working out at a gym. More and more spas are popping up all over in order to strive to "peace within the body, mind and spirit." If you can afford to go to one do so. If you can't you can do it at home. Yanni has some beautiful music as well as many nature sound tapes you can buy or download off the web. Take time out, fill the bath tub and add those bubbles and put candles around (be careful though.) Sit back, put that music on and relax. Don't answer the phone, the door and take some time out for yourself. Get out and get active! Even a brisk walk every day is good. You may think by walking to work, or walking around work you are getting enough exercise, but it's the mind-set that counts so a peaceful brisk walk through a park, forest or by a river, stream or a walk on the beach is better. Women especially can build up too much yeast in their system and Yogurt is excellent for balancing the PH level in our bodies. I have Yogurt (with fruit) 3 times a day. I take Tai Chi, have brisk walks with my dogs no matter what the weather and do exercises. I take 2 hours in the evening of "time out" and yes, I'm super busy, but THAT'S MY TIME! My friends know me well and unless it's an emergency "don't bother me during this time."

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Q: Is a hairball feeling in the throat and bad gas a symptom of anxiety?
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What can cause a feeling of a lump in the throat?

There can be many causes for a feeling of a lump in the throat. The cause can be simply anxiety. It can be laryngeal cancer. It can be stress. It can also be acid reflux.

Is a Lump in throat a sign of pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers have experienced the feeling of a lump in their throat, though it is not a common symptom.

How do you get a hairball out of a dogs throat?

lets see stick your hand in its throat and get it out!

What symptom is feeling like vomiting and very dry throat?

Nausea.Food poisioning or a tummy bug.

I'm having a problem my symptoms are 1 Very tired 2 Anxiety 3 Feeling jumpy 4 Shortness of breath 5 Feeling like there's something in my throat 6 Chills 7 Feeling hot?

If you are very tired, have anxiety, feel jumpy, have shortness of breath, feel like something is in your throat, have chills, but are feeling hot you may be having an anxiety attack.

Is sore throat a syphilis symptom?

A sore throat is not a syphilis symptom.

CAN Light mouth ulcers and feeling like something stucked in throat be symptom of early pregnancy?

That would have nothing to do with early pregnancy signs, that sounds like you have strepped throat.

What is a symptom of acid reflux?

Heart burn that gest worse at night , problems when swallowing, nausea after you eat, hiccups sore throat coughing feeling like food is stuck in your throat

Can backaches be a symptom of meningitis?

A sore throat

Is a sore throat a symptom of a henna tattoo?

Unless you sucked on the tattoo while it was fresh, No, a sore throat is not a symptom of a henna tattoo.

Could strep throat be a sign of HIV exposure?

Sore throat is one symptom but strep throat is syrep throat

Why is sore throat an early pregnancy symptom?

Its not and where did you get that at

What causes a fuzzy throat feeling?

A "fuzzy" throat can have many causes. Allergies can cause your throat to feel fuzzy due to postnasal drip, or strep throat can begin with a fuzzy feeling in your throat.

Which of these is not a symptom meningitis?

throat - ELP <3

Use symptom in a sentence?

A sore throat and fever were the symptoms of the virus they all had.

What coud it be if you have a feeling of numbness all over a fluttering feeling in your throat and chest and your throat feels tight?

It could be several things....first one that comes to mind in a panic/anxiety attack, especially if you are younger. If you are older (40 +) it also could be signs of a heart attack. I would consult your doctor if this continues.

Is a sore throat a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer:Yes, a sore throat can be an early pregnancy symptom but you should take a pregnancy test or talk to your doctor to be sure.

Can anxiety cause throat tightening?

I'm sure it can.

Can sore throat be a symptom of Chronic fatigue syndrome?


What illness or disease would cause a feeling of food stuck in your throat ALL the time but the throat is NOT sore and there is a feeling that the lungs are not working at full capacity?

It can be caused by Heartburn, which always leaves a lump in your throat, postnasal drip is another big culprit, you may have an allergy you are not aware of,. Food allergies will do it as well. Also anxiety attacks will cause a lump in your throat that may feel like food. Either way, all of the above, should be checked by a doctor.

How do you know positively that you have strep throat?

The only way to be positive u have strep throat us to go to a doctor and have a strep test done. Strep throat often has symptom of white puss pockets on the throat and tonsills, but tonsillitis and pharyngitis(inflammation of the throat) often have the same symptom. The only way to know for sure is to have a strep test done.

Does Strep throat cause rashes?

A red skin rash can be a symptom of strep throat but it's not very common.

What does anxiety feel like?

Some general symptoms of an anxiety attack are a feeling of tightness in the throat, light headedness, dizziness, subjective trouble breathing (if you take a deep breath, you can breathe fine - no wheezing), chest tightness (sometimes mistaken for heart attack pains), and fainting. The symptoms of anxiety can be treated with medications or various relaxation techniques, but it is important to address the problem which causes you anxiety.

What symptom requires a food handler to be excluded from the operation?

Sore throat

Is it normal for chickenpox to block your throat?

No, that is not a usual symptom of chicken pox.