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Is a hairy tongue a form of herpes?

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Hairy tongue is not a form of herpes. It is a bacterial overgrowth which most often follows antibiotic treatment.

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Bump on tongue growing?

herpes of the tongue

Can you get a hairy tongue from smoking?


What forms a weather cell?

A hairy chocha with herpes

How do you get rid of hairy tongue?

Shave it

What causes black dots on the tongue?

if it is hairy then... black, hairy tongue, which is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast on the tongue The sides of my tongue used to be very dark until I had all my silver fillings removed.

What could a blister on your tongue be?


What should you do if you have Herpes on your tongue?


Can you get herpes from getting your tongue pierced?

Cold sores are a variant of the Herpes virus, however getting them from a professionally done tongue piercing, No.

How long is the tongue of a hairy frog?

It's twice half the length of the tongue.

What does herpes taste like?

If you are that curious you just might end up with herpes on your tongue ;)

Black line on tongue?

Black hairy tongue refers to a number of conditions that cause the tongue to become unusually dark and/or hairy in appearance. Hairy tongue (lingua villosa) is a common condition caused by defective desquamation of the filiform papillae that results from a variety of precipitating factors. Some of these factors include poor oral hygiene, tooth loss (because their soft diet does not allow for normal desquamation from rough food scraping the tongue), chronic or extensive use of antibiotics, and radiation treatments to the head and neck. Patients with hairy tongue are more often than not coffee or tea drinkers and often use tobacco. It is also commonly seen in patients who are HIV positive or use intravenous drugs, although there is no predictive value to the finding of hairy tongue. One would assume that it is the result of shared lifestyle habits such as poor oral hygiene, use of tobacco/marijuana, coffee drinking, etc. Hairy tongue is often referred to as black hairy tongue (lingua villosa nigra), but it may also appear brown, white, green, or pink - often due to secondary factors such as mouthwashes, breath mints etc. The "hairy" areas are usually on the posterior (back) of the tongue and never involve the undersurface. Hairy tongue is not a harmful disorder, and is normally asymptomatic. Patients with hairy tongue often may develop a secondary infection of Candida albicans (thrush). It is unclear if hairy tongue itself is a predisposing factor, as the underlying causes of hairy tongue may also lead to the development of thrush. Pepto-Bismol has been known to cause one's tongue and stool to turn black. This form of "black tongue," however, is a result of the separation of bismuth from salicylate, forming bismuth trisulfide (Bi2S3) in combination with the sulfur found in saliva

Why is your tongue hairy?

because when you eat cold food your tongue needs to keep warm

White pimple on the tip of tongue?


What level do you get mega-gross?

Hairy tongue.

Does chewing gum while smoking cause a hairy tongue?

No. There are no hair follicles on the tongue, so it is impossible for excessive gum chewing while smoking to cause a "hairy tounge".

What causes blisters on your tongue?

telling lies or herpes

Why do I have a white blister on tip of my tongue and it is not painful?


Why doesn't josh kiss with louise?

because she has a hairy tongue

What is hairy tounge?

hairy tongue or furry tongue can be slang for oral thrush. Now thrush is a yeast infection that can be caught in many ways, I suggest you look it up if you wish to know more about that. .

Are tongue blisters that are painful and followed with fever a form of herpes?

I would assume a YES!!. Try going to the doctor the next time you get them so they can test you. Then you will know for sure Its hard to say. The first outbreak of herpes can come with a fever, swollen glands, sore throat and pain at the site of the outreak. However, herpes RARELY affects the tongue. See a doctor and they can tell you for sure.

What are painless red spots on tongue?

what you get when you kiss someone with herpes

What causes a white tongue with red painful sores?


Do herpes sore be under the tongue on the gum?

Yes, they can be located there.

Does strep throat cause bumps on the back of your tongue?


What are the little hairy things on your tongue?

Those are called taste buds