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Is a heaving feeling when you urinate a sign of being pregnant?


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Hello. No this isn't related to pregnancy. It sounds like a urinary tract infection. See your doctor for a urine test and antibiotics.


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How far along do you half to be to start feeling the symptom's of the pregnancy.

Feeling Nauseous cramps that feel like premenstal cramps a bloated feeling feeling emotional (if you are pregnant you are going through hormonal changes which may effect your emotions)

If you can't, you need medical attention right away. Something may be blocked, and not being able to urinate on a regular basis will cause harm to you and the fetus.

Being hungry is a feeling. Hunger is your bodies response to lack of food or nutrients. Being pregnant is a physiological state of housing a developing fetus/baby inside your womb.

Being sick in the morning is either you being pregnant or nat having enough sleep

No this is not caused by pregnancy. What you descibed is normal. The tampon is blocking the urine from being released and when you remove the tampon you urinate. You will not have a period and be pregnant.

not all the time, if your scared about being pregnant your mind can play tricks on ya and make u think u feel things....

Usually not much right away except for being tired and a feeling of fullness maybe. Sometimes queaziness.

missed period, nipples are dark, breasts grow, feeling sick/nausea

Symptoms include painful urination, feeling as if you need to urinate, but not being able to, abdominal pain, irritation and foul odor in genital area (women).

Some Symptoms of kidney cancer is frequent and painful urination, blood in urine, lower back pain, and feeling the need to urinate but no being able to .

"Use the bathroom" is a human euphemism. I assume in the case of a dog that you mean "urinate" or "eliminate" and that your dog does not actually use bathrooms. In any case, it is normal for a pregnant dog to urinate (and defecate) while puppies are being born. Try to clean up any elimination quickly without disturbing the dog.

It's almost impossible to become pregnant unless you miss your shot very regularily. You're probablly feeling like this because you had sex and you're worryin about being pregnant. so, dont worry unless u miss several periods in a row.

I don't see how urination has anything to do with it. Urination will not flush out the ejaculate. She still has a chance of being pregnant. Take a test or see a doctor to be sure.

if you had a blood test there no doubt about you not being pregnant if you feel you are keep trying but once you take a blood test shows negotive then your not pregnant and might be illusinating

In some cases that may be true....but you could be coming onto your period or getting off but when i started feeling my breast being sore i was pregnant

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The baby passes urine into the amniotic sac (bag of water) - but don't worry the water is constantly being cleaned and filtered, so the fluid is not dirty.

Lower urinary tract infection (cystitis): The lining of the urethra and bladder becomes inflamed and irritated. * Dysuria - Pain or burning during urination * Frequency - More frequent urination (or waking up at night to urinate) * Urgency - The sensation of not being able to hold urine * Hesitancy - The sensation of not being able to urinate easily or completely (or feeling that you have to urinate but only a few drops of urine come out) * Cloudy, bad smelling, or bloody urine * Lower abdominal pain * Mild fever (less than 101ยฐF), chills, and "just not feeling well" (malaise)

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