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That part is big, and it is good - for female horses.

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What is a horse penis flare?

If a horse has a penis that is flared or swollen, it may be infected. It is best to take the horse to a licensed veterinarian to diagnose the issue. Answer 2: Flare is the term for the ridge at the back of the penis head.

How do you tell if a horses is mating?

The horse with the penis (stallion) will be on top and most of the time inside the horse without the penis (mare).

Why horse penis is big?

Cause it is mother nature and you cant do anything about it. you can have a horse penis, if you go for a sex organ transplant. LOL and you might considering to question why a whale penis is larger

Why donkey or horse have long penis?

Penis size is usually in proportion to the animals mass.

What is a horse foreskin called?

a horse foreskin is called a 'sheath' it is where the horse penis is kept safe and clean

Which four legged animal has the largest penis?

I believe that the horse has the largest penis!

Special body parts of a horse?

i will say the mane is a good answer

What is the length of a horse penis?

Depending on the breed of horse, the penis could be between 12" to about 24". That would be during a time of a full erection, obviously. Some stallions may even have a penis about 36 inches long.

What breed of horse has the largest penis?

I had a thoroughbred belgum cross. His penis was well over 18 inches.

What is the maximum length of a horse penis?

It depends on the horse. Big stallions are probably about 32 inches.

My penis is not working good or you can say in rigid position?

See your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Does a horse penis look the same as a human penis?

Yes and no. It gets erect like a human penis and looks similar in that regard. However, a stallion's penis is much larger than a mans penis

How can you tell a boy horse from a girl horse?

You can tell a boy horse from a girl horse by checking it's genitals. Males have a penis, Females have a vagina.

Is castrating a horse good or bad?

I'm pretty certain that if the horse was allowed to express an opinion he'd say that it was bad.

What horse event has the most prize money?

I'd have to say horse racing, if you're a good enough jockey to win.

Is a 7.5 inch penis small?

It depends on what the penis is attached to....for a human male, no. If it's attached to a horse, then definitely!

How long is a mule penis?

A mule penis is larger and looks more like a human male then a horse or donkey.

Where does horse semen come out from?

Stallions ejaculate through their penis.

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