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Of course not. It would destroy objectivity. Once a case is over, it may be permissible, but even then a wise person would wait for a period of time. * It depends upon how the term "relationship" is defined. Depending upon the size of the municipality and the type of court involved it is not unusual for judges to interact with attorneys outside the courtroom. This does not mean a conflict of interest would occur when a judge presides over a case where he or she is familiar with one or both attorneys. It is however, improper and illegal for a judge to meet with either of the attorneys to discuss an active case unless opposing counsel is present. On the other side, if a judge is acquainted with the plaintiff or defendant, the rules of professional conduct and the law, requires he or she excuse themselves from the case to avoid the appearance of being prejudicial.

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Q: Is a judge allowed to have a relationship with the plaintiff?
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Who pays court costs when plaintiff files a fraudulent case and the judge throws the case out.?

If the judge dismisses the case, the plaintiff is responsible for the court costs.

Can a plaintiff drop a tort in a civil case?

If a judge has not made a decision, the plaintiff and their attorney can drop, or settle, the tort. However, once a judge has made a decision, the judge's decision is upheld by law, and the plaintiff has no say.

When can the plantiff dismiss a case without prejudice?

The plaintiff cannot - that is a judge's prerogative. The plaintiff can REQUEST that a judge consider ruling that way, but it is up to the judge as to whether he will grant it or not.

When Judge Judy awards monies do they actually get paid the amount due?

actually when you go on Judge Judy both the defendant and the plaintiff get money from judge judy just to be on the show then when somebody wins ,ex: plaintiff wins the case, the defendant has to give over his money that he got from judge judy. Basically judge pays for all of the winners

What if the plaintiff is opposed to a continuance?

By use of the description "plaintiff" the questioner indicates that the case is a civil proceeding. In this instance if the plaintiff is opposed to a continuance they should object to the motion for continuance, then, it would be up to the judge to decide if the continuance was to be granted.

Do people get paid to be on judge judy?

The Plaintiff and Defendant are just regular people needing answers. The people who get paid are the Judge and the police officer.

Does the plaintiff or defendant in a third party lawsuit have to prove their case?

Generally, the plaintiff in a civil case has the burden of proof. The plaintiff must provide enough evidence to convince a judge or jury that her claim should succeed and she should be awarded damages.

Are there any circumstances in which a plaintiff in a civil matter can ask a judge to recuse him- or herself?

Anytime a judge has a conflict of interest in a lawsuit he should recuse himself. Reasons a plaintiff can ask for recusal include the judge is related to, is a friend of or a business partner with defendant. Or if the lawsuit is against a company the judge has invested in and a judgment against the company might harm his investment. Or that the judge had worked with defendant's law firm or been partner's together. Or that there had been some altercation or disagreement between plaintiff or plaintiff's lawyer and the judge do that it might appear that the judge would be prejudiced against the plaintiff. Lawyers and judges are expected not only to avoid improprieties like those but also to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. This means that even if an investigation into an alleged conflict of interest shows no actual conflict of interest, the judge should probably recuse himself if it appears to be a conflict.

How much does it pay to be a plaintiff?

Court fees vary by jurisdiction and the costs incurred during the course of a trial. Usually the plaintiff pays a small filing free to file a case in small court, but it can quickly balloon if the plaintiff loses the case and the judge rules that the plaintiff must pay for the resulting court fees.

Who is the person that brings an action into the court?

The plaintiff.The plaintiff.The plaintiff.The plaintiff.

What are some basic law terms?

plaintiff, defendant, judge, legal brief, binding arbitration, litigation,

If the criminal is the father of the son of the judge what is the relationship of the judge and the criminal?

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Only God is allowed to judge and be judgemental

Why did girls generation not allowed to have relationship?

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What is an action where the plaintiff introduces sufficient evidence to submit the issue to the judge or jury?

You file a "Request for Trial or Hearing."

What actors and actresses appeared in Judge David Young - 2007?

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What does the bailiff take from judge millian's desk?

The bailiff, who's name is Douglas MacIntosh, takes the docket forms off of Judge Milian's desk. He also takes evidence from the witnesses to the Judge and returns them to the defendant and plaintiff.

Can you sue someone you were in a relationship with for money you loaned to them?

Yes. Whether the plaintiff will prevail depends upon the existing circumstances of the relationship when the loan took place.

Can a plaintiff refile a dismissed small claims case?

Only if the acting judge dismisses "without Prejudice" You can usually refile

Are you allowed to judge other according to the Bible?

The bible says you are not appointed to judge anyone.

What is a motion to reargue?

A request to the court by the defense (or plaintiff) for a second chance to argue their case before the judge or a jury. It must be submitted BEFORE the judge (or jury) has rendered their verdict in the case.

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Do you have to pay the attorney fees of the creditor in a lawsuit?

Perhaps, the judge decides if the plaintiff should be reimbursed for legal fees. In most instances the plaintiff will not be able to recover such charges, although it is almost always a stipulation in the original suit.

What happens if you do not answer a lawsuit?

The plaintiff will win his or her case by default, and any money or other relief requested by the plaintiff will likely be granted. You will not have an opportunity to tell your side of the story to the judge or jury, but must pay any judgment entered in the case.

Who brings a claim against a defendant in a civil action is the?

In a criminal case it is the accuser. In a civil case - think Judge Judy - it is the Plaintiff