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A judgment is against specific things.

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Q: Is a judgment against everything that you own or are judgments against specific things?
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Related questions

How do you know if there is a judgment against you?

Go to the your state's circuit court site and it list all judgments against you.

How long does a judgment last?

Until it's paid. Judgments are valid from 5-20 years depending upon the type of judgment rendered. Most judgments are renewable and can last indefinitely until voluntarily paid, satisfied or successfully executed by the judgment creditor against the judgment debtor

What is the statute of limitations on getting a judgment against you for a car repossession and how can you find out if it has already been done?

Call a LOCAL attorney for state specific advice. Check at your local courthouse for the judgments records.

If you can not pay a judgment against you is it better to file a bankruptcy?

Hope you had a lawyer defending you against the judgment suit. You can use one now. Many, if not most judgments will not be discharged in BK.

Can you be put in jail for not paying a judgment against you?

No. Judgments for debt owed is a civil matter not a criminal one.

You have gone with a debt settlement service In NC what protection do you have against a judgment?

None. Only bankruptcy provides protection against lawsuits and judgments.

Judgments - can a judgment be filed on a gifted property?

Yes. Your ownership status is just the same as if you had bought the property. Any legal judgment against you can attach to the property.

How common are deficiency judgments in Florida?

Deficiency judgments are fairly common everywhere on large houses. The more the amount you owe on a house, the more you are likely to have a judgment filed against you.

If you are judgment proof can they take my car 2000 neon?

The answer depends on your state's laws regarding executions of personal property for unpaid judgments. In general, a judgment creditor cannot execute against a vehicle if it is your primary source of transportation. Contact an attorney in your state for specific information on your case.

How do you stop lawsuits or judgments against you by creditors?

The only option for stopping a lawsuit and/or obtaining relief of judgments is filing bankruptcy. Otherwise, once a creditor has filed a lawsuit against you and you receive notice of the hearing, or recovered a judgment against you, you cannot stop the process.

If you loaned someone some money and it was not repaid as agreed can you file a judgment against them?

In order to procure a judgment against someone for debt, due process has to be followed. Filing a lawsuit in the appropriate venue,(usually Small Claims Court). Obtaining a hearing date, going through the hearing/trial process and being awarded a judgment. Then the judgment has to be enforced which also has specific steps to be followed. Consult court procedures governing lasuits and judgments for your state of residency.

How we find out if there is a judgment against our property?

The local register of deeds should have an index of liens, foreclosures and other judgments against properties recorded there (for the municipality or county).

What is the statue of limitions on civil judgment in the state of North Carolina?

I read here that "judgments are valid for ten (10) years and are generally awarded for a specific sum of money. Before the expiration of this ten (10) year period, an action may be brought on the judgment which has the effect of renewing the judgment for an additional ten (10) years. Judgments act as a lien against any real property owned by the defendant, which means the plaintiff has the legal right to sell that real property at any time and a defendant must pay the judgment against him/her in its entirety prior to selling that real property themselves. Additionally, judgments are usually detected by credit reporting agencies and can severely impact an individual's credit rating."

Can your home be taken when a judgment is filed against you in Texas?

No. A judgment creditor can place a lien against real property but a forced sale of a homestead is not possible. Texas is one of the few states that has a constitutional statute that directly forbids the forced sale of a primary residence for creditor debt. No, Texas has a specific statute which directly forbids the forced sale of a homestead for creditor judgments.

Judgments - can they take your house?

While any judgment can attach against real property, only a judgment and decree of foreclosure can result in the foreclosure of real property. Decrees of foreclosure are only added to judgments as a result of non-payment of a mortgage or deed of trust, or other security instrument.

Can you write off a judgment on your taxes?

I assume the judgment is against you. If you held the judgment, you will have received money and that may or may not be income. If you pay a judgment against you, whether or not you can "write it off" will depend entirely on what kind of judgment it is. Also, you may be able to write it off for state tax purposes but not federal and vice versa. Usually, paying most judgments does not affect taxes.

How long can a creditor hold a claim against you?

If the creditor has received a judgment the time is indefinite, as most judgments are from 5-20 years in duration and can be renewed. If a creditor perfects a judgment as a lien against real property, then the debt is considered permanent until paid or settled.

What is the judgment process?

There are several classifications of judgments, but they are all executed by the same basic method. A judgment creditor may execute the writ according to the laws of the judgment debtor's state. Some ways of enforcing a judgment are; income garnishment or levy against bank accounts or seizure and sale of non exempt property or liens against real property. The judgment debtor is allowed specific exemptions for real and personal property, exemptions will differ from state-to-state. A consumer who believes they may be sued for a debt should familiarize themselves with their rights under state and federal law as to what property can be protected from a judgment creditor.

How long is a judgment good for in Utah?

Generally, until it is paid or satisfied under the terms of the judgment holder. In most cases judgments are granted from 5-20 years and are renewable. A judgment perfected as a lien against real property is permanent until paid.

What happens if a judgment is made against you before you file chapter 13 or 7?

That really has no bearing on the bankruptcy proceeding or the judgment. By this I mean that having a judgment against you will not necessarily disqualify you from being able to file for bankruptcy. However, under no scheme of bankruptcy proceeding will a judgment be discharged so if that is the reason for filing for bankruptcy then it will not do any good. Court judgments are under the category of nondischargeable debt.

Does judgment end when creditor dies?

A judgment does not go away when a creditor or a debtor dies. In the event it is a person who has obtained the judgment, his or her estate or assigns would be able to continue to collect against any monies owed. Judgments do expire, but times for this vary from state to state.

A person has a judgment against me and now that person has died is the judgment voided?

It obviously depends on what the judgment was for, and may depend on your particular state laws. Money judgments usually become assets of the estate of the deceased, and the executor or administrator of the estate will have to pursue, abandon or compromise the claim.

Can a judgment for child support go against a limited liability company?

Child support judgments are entered against individuals. However, assets in that individual's name can be seized to pay past-due support.

What can you do if an insurance company puts a judgment in against you to take your driver's license?

They can not do so. They file judgments against you because you owe them money. Pay the money that you owe them if you want to keep the privelidge of driving. That is your responsibility as a driver.

If you have an eviction from 3 years ago how long does it stay on your credit?

Evictions do not appear on credit reports unless the person is sued and a judgment is entered against them. Judgments remain on a credit report for 7 eyars. Many judgments are renewable and can therefore remain indefinitely.