Is a kid getting a shot a type of imperfect fugus?

It depends on what kind of vaccine is being given.

Yeasts, Molds, and Fungus are usually not part of vaccines. Most of the vaccines are for bacteria and viruses which are a little different.

The Polio vaccine is somewhat interesting as it usually is given in 3 parts.

The IPV (Injectable Polio Vaccine) is made from growing the real polio virus, and then destroying it so that it is no longer capable of spreading, but that maintains antigens that your body will recognize as being foreign and will make antibodies to. This is usually given first because it is impossible for you to get polio from the vaccine.

After 2 doses of IPV, you are given OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine). It is different as it is actually a live-attenuated virus. Essentially it is an "imperfect", or not very aggressive form of the Polio virus. However, your body will generate a much better immune response to it than the IPV vaccine. Unfortunately since OPV is a live attenuated virus, there is a very slight chance of getting the disease from OPV, but by preceding it with 2 doses of IPV, the chance is virtually zero.

Smallpox was another viral disease that was treated in a similar way. At least initially the vaccine was actually from cowpox, a very closely related disease that affected cows, but imparted immunity to humans.

Most flu vaccines will be dead viruses and not live viruses.

I believe that the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine would be dead bacterial antigens).

One note, vaccines have to be grown in something... either animals, or often grown in chicken eggs. Or, they could be genes that were planted into bacteria so that only certain antigens would be reproduced, and not the whole bacteria/virus that causes the disease. However, there may be some antigens from whatever the virus or bacteria was grown in. So, there could be some chicken egg antigens in a vaccine grown in chicken eggs, and would be bad if a person had an allergy to chicken eggs.

On occasion a batch of vaccines will go bad, and will inadvertently grow mold or fungus. That would not be intended, and if that is the case, the batch of vaccines should be thrown out.