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Yes, a killer whale is an aquatic mammal, all mammals are warm blooded.

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Do killer whale is warm or cold blooded?

Warm blooded

Is a killer whale cold blooded or warm?

Warm blooded.

Is the killer whale warm blooded?

Yes. It's a mammal, thus warm-blooded.

Is a killer whale warm-blooded?

All whales are mammals and therefore they are all warm blooded.

Are killer whale hotblooded?

Whales are mammals, which are warm blooded.

What is the largest warm blooded animal?

Orca (Killer Whale)

Is a killer whale a fish?

No, killer whales are warm blooded and nurse their young, which means they are mammals.

What makes a killer whale a cetacean?

They are warm blooded, air breathing mammals :)

Is a killer whale warm or cold blooded?

It's warmblooded because it's a whale and all mammals are warmblooded.

Why is a humpback whale warm-blooded?

A humback whale is a mammal. All mammals are warm-blooded.

What group of vertebrates does a killer whale belong to?

It belongs to the mammal group because it is warm blooded!

What are killer whales called when they are warm blooded?

A killer whale is a type of dolphin formally called an orca. All orcas are warm blooded as they are sea-bound mammals like all other dolphins and whales.

Is a whale warm blooded or cold blooded?

they are a mammal, so they are warm blooded

Is a narwhal warm blooded or cold blooded?

A narwhal is a whale and is warm blooded.

Is a whale shark cold blooded?

a whale shark is warm blooded

Is a narwhal warm blooded?

A narwhal is a whale and is warm blooded.

What do killer whale play with?

Orcas often play with seeweed, kelp and often warm blooded prey such as seals

Is a blue whale warm or cold blooded?

A blue whale is a mammal - just like you, I hope - and therefore warm blooded.

Are killer whales cold blooded or hot blooded?

They are warm blooded.

Are narwhals warm blooded or cold blooded?

Narwhals are a type of whale, so they are warm-blooded mammals.

Are whale sharks warm blooded or cold blooded?

Whale sharks are not whales thay are sharks and they are cold blooded.

Is a fin whale cold or warm blooded?

Whales are mammals. So they are warm blooded

Is a whale a cold or warm blooded?

Yes, they are warm blooded. Just like us.

Is a whale warm blooded?


Is a humpback whale cold blooded or warm blooded?

It is warm blooded. As shown on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader".