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Is a large painful bump above my temple on my head serious?

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2009-08-21 08:58:05

this is a fairly broad question, so firstly if you have hit your

head recently then you really should go to a doctor. If you're

talking about a, painful when pressed, red lump/spot near your hair

line on your temples then I think it may be linked to a skin

problem called Kerotin Pilaris. It is a build up of kerotin around

your hair follicle. It presents itself as small red spots on the

tops of your arms or legs and may be linked to this problem too.

There are chemical exfolliating creams you can use that have worked

well for my arms but I would suggest trying the creams and usual

exfolliating creams and let the lumps pass. The is no cure for KP

unfortunately, but there are ways to make it better.

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