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Not sure what the 'rights to the house' would have to do with this? Are you saying because you were divorced and you got the house does that also entitle you to his life insurance? I would think no unless you were the beneficiary.

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Can ex-wife discuss insurance policy of ex-husband with insurance agent?

No..... I have been in insurance for 20 yrs. Once you are divorced she has no rights to your information.

Does your ex husband have the right to claim on an insurance policy if child died in car accident child an adult?

if he's not on the policy as a beneficiery he can't. ADDED: It makes no difference if the child is an adult or a minor. If the policy is up-to-date (i.e.: all premiums paid and current) and your ex-husband is a named beneficiary on the policy then he does have beneficiary rights. It's as simple as that. On the other hand, if he was NOT specifically named on the policy, he has no claim whatsoever.

If mother-in-law is beneficiary on single grownup grandson life insurance policy does the mother of the son have any rights?

Answering "If mother in law is beneficiary on single grownup son life insurance policy does the mother have any rights?"

What rights do you have over a life insurance policy taken out by your parents while you were an adult?

If your parents took out a life insurance policy and paid for it, the policy belongs to them and even if you are the person whose life is insured, that does not give you rights over that policy. I am not entirely sure why your parents would feel the need to have life insurance for their adult progeny, but possibly they are concerned that if you were to suffer a tragic premature death, they would be stuck with funeral expenses that they could not afford to pay unless they had an insurance policy to help them.

What are some examples of a life insurance policy owner's rights?

The owner generally has the right to transfer ownership of the policy, borrow against accumulated cash value, change beneficiaries, cancel the policy, convert the policy to another one that the company offers at the time of the desired conversion, change the amount of insurance, and exercise options to increase the amount of insurance. There may be other rights that inure to the owner, and they will be enumerated in the policy. There may also be limitations on the rights of the owner, such as, pertaining to the right to change beneficiaries.

What does absoloute assignment mean in life insurance?

There are 2 types of assignments in life insurance. Absolute Assignment - This means that you give up all of your rights to a life insurance policy forever. An absolute assignment may be used if you are selling your life insurance policy, or during a divorce where you give up all rights to your policy. Collateral Assignment - A collateral assignment is when you give up your rights to a policy until you have satisfied your collateral requirements. A loan is a classic example where a bank may require that you get a life insurance policy with a collateral assignment. If you still owe the bank money when you die, the bank would be repaid its money and any leftover would be paid to your beneficiaries.

Which action must a life insurance policyowner take to assign his or her rights in a policy to a third party?

All life insurance companies have a "Policy owner change form". Your agent can provide it, or you can contact your company directly.

If you take out a life insurance policy name your father as beneficiary and then get married but don't change the beneficiary to your spouse does the spouse have any rights to the policy?

No. The beneficiary is whoever is specifically named on the policy.

Does a PA huband have rights to wife's inheritance?

No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.

Can a bank sell a term life insurance policy that has been used as collateral?

I would assume they are the assigned owners of the insurance policy, and have the greater interest in the product that was purchased, if the terms and conditions for repayment have not been met. So "YES" they would have the rights to sell the policy.

What are your rights to prevent your car insurance from settling with the other side if you honestly feel this is a fraud case?

Typically, an insurance policy gives the insurance company the right to settle any claim at its sole discretion. So, you may have no right to oppose the insurance company's decision to settle! But read your policy to find out for sure.

Is it against your rights for a judge to make you make your kids 100 percent beneficiaries of your life insurance policy?

A judge can decide.

Should the person who has ownership rights in an insurance policy and the insured be relatives?

The question does not really involve "should". The direct answer is "no". Using life insurance as an example, the owner of the policy is often the person who pays the premium. The insurance contract gives the owner various rights, such as to initially designate the beneficiary, change the beneficiary, pledge the policy as security for a loan, and other acts. The insured is the person whose life is, well, insured. Stated otherwise, this means that when the insured dies, the insurance company generally pays the death benefit to the beneficiary.

Your sister was murdered by her husband who then committed suicide your sister was first beneficiary on policy do her family have any rights to the life insurance death benefits?

Usually it depends on how the beneficiaries were stated on the policy. If she left all to the husband, then since he was the last to die, his beneficiaries would be the ones who count. But, if she died first, the contingent beneficiaries would be the next on the list. I don't know though, if the murder and suicide would affect this.

What are the insurance rights of significant others?

what type of insurance are your speaking of and what rights?

What does one need in order to start a new standard insurance policy?

"In order to start a new standard insurance policy, you must be have the legal rights to do so. You must be a licensed insurance agent with at least five years of experience. After that, buy a franchise and location. You may also need a business loan."

Do step-children have a right to a step-parent's life insurance policies?

No. Step-children have no rights or interest regarding a step-parent's life insurance unless they are a named beneficiary on the policy. Step-children have no rights in a step-parents estate unless they are named in the step-parent's Will. In that case a step-parent can leave the proceeds of a life insurance policy to a step-child by their Last Will and Testament.

What are the rights of an agent in insurance?

An insurance agent has a contract with an insurance company which specifies his rights; but basically an agent has a right to be paid a commission for the insurance that he or she sells.

What are your rights when it comes to an auto insurance claim?

Rights don't have a lot to do with it. An auto insurance policy is a legally binding contract. You have a right to obey the terms of the contract and so does the insurance company. If you have a covered claim, they will repair, replace, or pay the ACV of the vehicle at their choice. I could tell you more if you let me know what you want to know.

Can a spouse authorize a change to or agree to have a new car insurance policy issued only if they are listed as a driver on the present policy?

Yes because they are a member of the household and the spouse and the named insured have the same rights.

What treatment should receive after the result of pregnancy?

By giving a time to relax,in a room for family with the help of insurance policy regarding of giving the rights of no disturbancy.

Is it legal for a wife to cancel her husband's health insurance as well as his son's from a previous relationship without notice?

Are they still married? Separated? Divorced? If nothing else, the husband should get a notice from the Insurance Company about his COBRA rights. What does the divorce decree say? Once the divorce is final, the Insurance Company wouldn't consider the x-husband eligible anyway.

If your home owners insurance is part of your mortgage payment and you stop paying your mortgage what happens to your insurance coverage?

Once you have defaulted on your mortgage or have gone into foreclosure all your rights on the homeowners policy are null and void. all rights of recovery revert to the Mortgage company. Basically you become uninsured and the mortgage company remains insured through the policy term. Also if the policy gets cancelled due to the foreclosure any refunds belong to the mortgage company.

Can you add your pregnant girlfriend to your medical mutual insurance?

No. First your girlfriend cannot be an insured on your medical insurance because she has no legal rights as she is not a family member. Read your policy and you will see who is allowed to be an insured on your policy. Secondly, even if she was your legal spouse the pregnancy is a preexisting condition and would not be covered anyway.

Can my father see what medications I am prescribed if I am still under his insurance and 20 years old?

no. you are over 18 and regardless of being on his policy, you have patient disclosure rights..