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Is a lion more dangerous than a tiger?

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It depends on where you are. If you are in a forest, the Tiger is more dangerous because Lions don't live in Forests, they live in Deserts, where you most likely will not see a tiger. Overall, I think they are tied, Because tigers are stronger, but lions hunt in prides.

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Most likely, yes. Although a tiger is as dangerous as a lion, the bear has more strength and size advantage.

the hippopotamus is more dangerous than a shark but the lion is the most dangerous

Tiger is bulkier and more powerfull than a Lion,but the fighting abilities of Lion is better. But the probabilty of Tiger(Siberian or Bengal) beating the Lion(African) is more.So tiger would win.

yes a hippo can be more dangerous than a lion. if you anger a hippo it can run faster than a man and can easily kill someone.

Lion is more dangerous because Lion have greater jaw power than leopard.

No. The tiger has killed many more people than the polar bear.

tigerThe most dangerous big cat would be the lion, and not the tiger. The lion is actually the largest and the most aggressive creatures in africa.The Bengal and Siberian tigers are both heavier and longer than the lion.The tiger has the most human lives taken, more than any other big cat. One tigress killed 436 human beings before Jim Corbett brought her down.Tigers are more aggressive than lions.

yes, tiger bite force 1087 pounds, lion 691 pounds. Tigers are also more muscular than lions.

The lion is the 5th or 6th fastest land animal while the tiger does not even rank in the top 25. For a link to the fastest land animals click on this link.

A tiger is stronger than a lion. The lion is slightly too fat.

no a tiger is taller but the lion stands and sits straighter than the tiger that's why he appears taller

lion is much very tough it is also stronger than a tiger

By a slight difference, a Siberian tiger is larger than a lion

It depends if the rhino is provoked in attacking or not. A lion could be more dangerous if it attacks and fights enemies that come to attack the territory. But if a rhino charges, it is more dangerous.

Yes, as the lion is much larger than a mountain lion and is less apt to hide from a human.

Tigers are stronger but does not mean the Tiger is the winner in a fight. The answer is the one with more fighting experience will win and no the size does not matter. The buffalo is not the largest animal a Lion will hunt. A Lion pride can kill up to a Giraffe/Elephant and a single male Lion can kill a buffalo and the Tiger can kill a Gaur. Yes the Gaur is alot bigger than the buffalo but scince the Tiger is heavier/more muscle it's practically the a lion is stronger than a tigeri am a lion fun but the answer is tiger. tiger always win the fight.

All subspecies are dangerous, but the Bengal tiger kills more humans than any other subspecies.

normally no cuase the biggest cat the siberian tiger wighs 730 pouands and a kruger male lion can wigh 668 but the biggest lion ever wigh 50 pounds more than the biggest tiger ever

A lion is 125lb less than a tiger and a tiger is the size of 700lb

Tigers, as they're more aggressive than lions are.

No the lion is more muscular. Tigers are actually stronger and have more muscle. It's just that they have thicker fur that covers their muscles, because they can live in colder ranges. For example, the Siberian Tiger is larger, and thus stronger than an African Lion.

Both are just as dangerous as the other, especially if either are misunderstood.

Hippo is more Strategic Tiger is more elusivesoo......tie

Since a Siberian tiger has more body fat and has a weight advantage, it is also more muscular and aggressive than an asiatic lion so the tiger will win. In addition, Siberian tigers are stronger than lions in most cases.

Hard to tell. A lion is only more successful than a tiger because 3 - 10 lions help hunt prey whereas tigers are loners. Their abilities are different though a tiger is more powerful.

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