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Is a lot of discharge normal at six weeks pregnant?

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Its very normal.Ive had 3 kids and had discharge with all 3.

2006-07-23 07:07:40
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You are 14 weeks pregnant and today you started spotting a brown discharge you also have been fainting a lot is this normal Help?

This is not normal and you should contact your doctor ASAP.

What does it mean if you are cramping and have a lot of yellow discharge for days when six weeks pregnant?

Cramping and yellow discharge when pregnant are not normal. FAQ Farm is not an online medical diagnosis site. Please contact a health professional immediately. For your health, please do it! ~ T

What is your cm like at 7 weeks pregnant?

Hello there. A pregnant womens CM varies in each one of us. Some women have a great deal of CM which looks like ovulation discharge and some have a lot of normal vaginal discharge. The discharge usually increases as the pregnancy progresses.

Is it normal to have brown discharge while you are 6 weeks pregnant?

I have had the same thing and asked my doctor, he said that it is completely normal. If it turns pink or red and is accompanied by a lot of cramping, go and see your doctor.

Do you have a lot of white discharge at 2 weeks pregnant? control.htm likely you are ovulating at this time--you are most likely to get pregnant when you have alot of white discharge AnswerHi, You can do but a lot of white discharge can be ovulation discharge, because technically its very very rare to find out your 2 weeks pregnant. Its most likely ovulation discharge but if you've had the pregnancy confirmed, then its the pregnancy discharge.

If you are 18 weeks pregnant and one of your breasts is extremly sore and they both leak a lot is this normal?


Are you pregnant if you've tried for 3 weeks and have dizziness and discharge and pee a lot and are slightly constipated and have cravings for chicken and chocolate and hate cigarette smoke?

Yes it is possible you are pregnant.

If you were 2 weeks late for your period took a hpt and there was a faint line but then had light bleeding for three days and 4 days after started to have brown spotting am you still pregnant?

if the pregnancy test was positive then you are pregnant. Sometimes there will be a really faint line that disappears before the test is complete. If it was positive unless you have a normal RED discharge you should still be pregnant. There is a lot of pain and cramping with a miscarriage. It is normal after becoming pregnant that you would discharge old blood that wasn't used by the embryo.

What does it mean when you are 37 weeks pregnant and having hard contractions with a lot of discharge?

Call your doctor. I consider this a emergency question and those should not be asked on WA.

Is it normal to have light pink discharge after sex while pregnant?

While I was pregnant I asked the same thing to my doctor he said yes it's just a lot of pressure on your womb.It's perfectly fine

Is it normal for the baby to move and kick a lot at 22 weeks?

YES when my mom was 22 weeks pregnant she said her baby felt like it was doing sumersalts in her stomach.

Does vaginal discharge continue to be present when pregnant?

Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

Does discharge continue while women is pregnant?

Definitely! My sister had to wear a pantyliner everyday for both of her pregnancies because of the discharge. All the hormones you are producing can make your body in turn secrete a lot more. Perfectly normal.

Is it ok to have a lot of discharge before your period?

Yes it's normal.

Do women get discharge while pregnant?


How much can you carry at 4 weeks pregnant?

A lot

Is it normal to pee a lot when pregnant?


Is there anyone that is pregnant or that has been pregnant who experienced a somewhat thick milky white discharge that wasn't foul but it did smell similar to glue?

When i was pregnant i had extremley similar discharge and quite a lot of it, the only difference being the smell. I know it had a smell but glue does not come to mind, my little girl is 4 now so it was a few years back. Also my friend is 19 weeks pregnant and she has exactly the same discharge, does not smell glue but it has quite a potent smell

Is it normal for a woman that is 33 weeks pregnant to feel a lot of pressure after a pelvic exam?

Hey! I remember that! Not only after a digital exam by doc, but after intercourse too. VERY normal. Baby's having a snooze on your pelvis. Enjoy the last few weeks!

How long does it take to find out you are pregnant?

It usually takes about 4 weeks. Its different for everyone. I am pregnant right now, and i know i am because of the fluttering in my stomach and my light and dark period. You kno youre pregnant when there is a lot of discharge, and you may feel cramps in your sides. Good luck

Is it normal for you to have your cervix examined at 38 weeks pregnant and then to spot and have brownish discharge a day later?

Yes, this is quite common. The cervix has a lot of blood flowing into it towards the end of pregnancy and sometimes just ouching it may make the spot. The brownish discharge is possibly a little of the mucus plug which has been disturbed by the examination. Unless you have fresh bright redblood I wouldn't worry.

Is a lot of dizziness normal at 36 weeks gestation?

A "lot" of dizziness is never normal. Seek medical attention

You are 27 weeks pregnant and you have been having a lot of lower abdominal pressures why is that?

Your baby is growing. It's pressing on other organs in your body. It's normal.

I am 6 months pregnant and have had a lot of clear thin discharge with a bad odor so much that I have to change my panties 2-3 times a day is this normal?

It is normal to have lots of clear & 'creamy' discharge, to the point where you have to change your underwear, but it shouldn't have a bad odour. You may have an infection brewing, get it checked out by your obstetrician.

You are 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant and you feel your baby move a lot when she is hungry is it normal?

i would say it is normal that the baby is just letting you know its hungrey..and since your pregnant i have a quesstion if you take a test a week and a few days after your period and it is positive dose that still mean im pregnant?