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PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be very simmilar. When I got pregnant, I didn't know I was because I felt the same symptoms that I feel during my PMS. I waited for my period to come, and since it didn't, I took the test and it came up positive.

Yes it is a sign of both. Mind you with my five children I never got gas unless I was pregnant. And it started early in pregnancy too.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:23:43
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Q: Is a lot of gas and feeling bloated a sign of pregnancy or just PMS?
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Is feeling bloated and soreness a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. Feeling bloated and having minor pains is a sign of pregnancy. It usually occurs the second month along with morning sickness.

Is feeling bloated everyday but has not had a period yet a sign of pregnancy?


Is being bloated milky discharge swollen breasts feeling heavy a sign of pregnancy?

yes. take a test

Is bloated a sign of pregnancy?


Is feeling unusually bloated a sign of pregnancy?

I am pregnant, and YES that is definitely a symptom. In fact, for most women, that is one of the first signs...

Is bloated tummy sign of early pregnancy?


Is feeling bloated an early sign of pregnancy?

A general crampiness or bloating of the pelvic area can be an early sign of pregnancy and may be accompanied by constipation. However, these symptoms can mimic PMS, and many women find themselves wondering which it is!

Is being very gassy and bloated an early sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy, but then again it can be a sign of a lot of conditions. I suggest you take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Is being bloated a sign of pregnancy?

Being bloated is a symbol of a lot of things. But while you are pregnant you can experience bloating.

What are the signs of pregnentcy?

my first sign was tender breast ...then i just had the feeling that i was...they move on to mood swings and bloated feelings sometimes headaches

Im tring for a baby and im now feeling bloated having tummy cramps and feeling sick am i pregnant?

no sweety,that's just a sign telling you that your PERIOD is about to come.

Could you be pregnant if your stomach is bloated but not hard?

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

Is feeling your heartbeat in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


You have back pain your stomach feels bloated what does this mean?

Could be an early sign of pregnancy, or PMS

Could sore breasts bloated fatigue be a sign of pregnancy?

i wish someone would answer this, i have the same question!

Is a bloated stomach a sign of pregnancy?

sometimes , because it might be that the girl is sick or needs to go on a diet.

If you remain bloated after your period could that be a sign of pregnancy?

NoAnswerYes possibly but get professional advice for a positive assurance.

For a week i wake up with menstrual cramps but no period could this be a sign of pregnancy?

yes, feeling crampy can be a sign of pregnancy

Is always feeling cold a early sign of pregnancy?

It could be.

Is feeling awful and weak and no energy a sign of pregnancy?

Can be but it can also be a sign of many other things. it's not a sure sign of pregnancy so take the test.

Is feeling wet all the time but no period a sign of pregnancy?


Is feeling dizzy then getting sweaty then vomiting after a sign of pregnancy?


Can a sign of pregnancy be the feeling of getting period?

Yes, the symptoms are similar.

Why are you so horney could you be pregnant?

Feeling sexual is not a sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you are concerned.

Is a funny feeling in your lower pelvic area a sign of pregnancy?

I had a funny feeling! Still do at 9 weeks along.