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Is a male guinea pig or a female guinea pig frendlier?

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October 11, 2011 5:36PM

If you mean to humans I would say it depends on the individual guinea pig. Either can be very sweet and friendly (I know from experience).

If you mean with other guinea pigs females definitely females. The exceptions are if you have a male and a female that are both fixed then they can become good friends and some books say you can keep two males together if they are brothers (that have been together since they were born) but I would say that is a little risky because there is more chance they will not get along.


For pets, female guinea pigs are best. They can be kept in groups where as some people have trouble keeping a number of male guinea pigs together. Having female guinea pigs also removes the likely hood of you having to deal with impacted rectums which are common in male guinea pigs.

Although, Male Guinea Pigs tend to be more affectionate towards the owner, once two male guinea pigs are put together it may take a while for them to get used to one other, but once they do, they are very friendly. They are happiest in pairs.

In a pet shop I went to get my two guinea pigs, Gillespie and Google, both Males, there was a notice above the Guinea Pig pen that read 'Please note that Male Guinea Pigs tend to be friendlier than Female'
I would describe a Guinea Pig as "a fat hamster with a slightly longer face" and you could add that the mouth us much lower then what you think. (i'm looking at 2 of them right now) they itch like dogs sometimes and are persistent. they have a tail about 3cm long or shorter you can barley see it. i love them.